E-S-P July Product Launch!

Despite the incredible heatwave across the UK at the moment, the fishing has been productive and anglers are still managing to catch our beloved quarry. Heading to shops from mid-July, ESP is proud to release a set of new or upgraded tackle items for all year round use.
E-S-P Insight Polarised Sunglasses

It has been said many times but polarised sunglasses are a totally essential item of tackle for the carp angler all year round. Our previous 'Clearview' models were very affordable, and been enjoyed by the anglers up and down the country for many years, but we felt they needed a 'spruce up'. They are now replaced with the Insight sunglasses, and feature good quality amber lenses which we have found are a fantastic 'all rounder'. The sunglasses come with a ESP branded bag that doubles up as a cleaning cloth, and a 'carpy' green woven lanyard.

7m Mini Leadcore Spools

The Original Camo Brown Leadcore was one of the first products released by ESP way back in 1999. It was developed ion conjunction with Terry Hearn, who was using hinged stiff rigs on helicopter setups made from leadcore during his time at Yateley. This presentation became adapted nationwide due to its effectiveness and durability - even today its popularity has endured.

We eventually introduced three new colours including Weedy Green, Sandy Gravel and Silt Grey. These were available as 'ready tied' leaders, and on 25m bulk spools, both of which have been very popular. Now, we have released all colours on tackle box friendly 7m spools, enabling the angler to purchase, transport and switch right materials for the task without 'over buying'.

· All four colours now available on tackle box friendly 7m spools.
· The different camo blends suit a variety of lake beds.
· Darkens down when wet.
· Over 50lb breaking strain on a 30mm splice.
· Highly abrasion resistant
· Super supple high purity lead wire core.
· Easy to splice.

E-S-P Ready Made Ronnie Rigs

The Ronnie Rig needs no introduction and in the last few years has proved itself as one of the great modern day carp rigs. With smooth 360-degree rotation, ESP Ronnie Rigs provide optimum hooking potential and perfect pop-up presentation. The Rig incorporates non-slip Grip Stop, Hook Ring Swivel and Quick Change Uni-Link plus the all-important Cryogen Curve Shanx hook. The rigs are available in barbed and barbless, in both sizes 4 and 6. Too complete the rig you simply just need to add your own choice of hoolink material, or alternatively some people have fished it directly on the line or leader similar to a chod ring presentation.

Cryogenic tempering produces super strong hooks with more durable, long-life points.

E-S-P Metal and Plastic Bait Screws

Screwing your pop-up or wafter of choice onto a variety of rigs has been more popular in recent years, providing a less time consuming option when changing baits or beginning a session. Both plastic and metal varieties are available, with the matt black metal version durable enough to pierce the hardest of baits.

Re-released Solid PVA Bag range

The special PVA film is tough & strong, yet melts down without residue and most importantly, does so within the correct time frame. Many thin film bags begin meltdown on the descent and release the bait prematurely.

Plain PVA Bags are suitable for use with oil-based liquid additives and flavourings. The perforated PVA Bags have multiple small holes over their whole surface so pockets of air cannot remain trapped inside the bag. This makes them ideal for distance casting and ensures they sink rapidly in deep water.

When fully loaded with pellets, oil-based liquids and the lead, sock bags can weigh up to 6.5oz (184g) Provided the lead is placed right at the bottom of the bag, its long narrow shape maintains good casting range and accuracy.

Bulk bags can be packed out with large amounts of boilies and particles. The PVA film is tough and impact resistant but when fully loaded with bait and lead, they can weigh up to 7.5oz (212g) so casting range is restricted.

Multi bags can weigh up to 4.5oz (127g), allowing a decent amount of bait to be delivered accurately. The tough film survives the impact and reaches the bottom in deep water.

Mini bags are the smallest of the range so they are ideal for distance casting. The consistent, residue-free breakdown ensures the whole bag will reach the bottom even in deep water.