Barry Hearn Masterpiece!

‘This is nothing short of a masterpiece by a master craftsman! Terry Hearn’s dad, Barry, has been making a bird table of ALL bird tables since April. He only finished it a few days ago. The hundreds of hours of craftsmanship and love that has gone into this is unbelievable. Everything made by hand, no corners cut. Even the roof is properly battened underneath the slates to take the weight. The lead work is plain outstanding! Mice, beetles, moths , butterflies, ivy, flowers and much much more. Take a look at the pics, I’m sure you’ll be impressed.’

Barry has been making the birdhouse since the spring

‘This will look fantastic in anyones garden. The oak has been treated to withstand the rigours of the weather for years. He’s even designed a tool to lift it (it’s heavy) that will come with it. This will obviously need collecting by the winner so we can get a picture of the winner with it too.’
- Raffle tickets are £10 each.
You will need to send him a screenshot of your payment via PayPal (friends & family so it all goes to the charity) and your name and phone number. Les will then send you your numbers.
-The draw will be done live so everyone can see. Draw will hopefully take place on the 3rd September (so long as target is reached by then), at the Frimley Pits charity event in aid of Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice that Mark and Lorraine Fisher run there every year.
The PayPal address is -
Don’t forget to send Les Bowers, a message with screenshot of payment and your name and phone number.
Thank You - All money raised will be going to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice
Please share this everywhere.
We’d love to get this to raise as much as possible for the work, hrs and love that Barry has put into this. He’s already said there will not be another made like this. I’ve turned down £5000 that someone offered because not only does raffle give everyone a chance, we hope if goes above.