Liquid loading your bait – Tom White

'Running a bait company I get asked lots of questions day to day and a good percentage of them are centered around bait preparation of which our liquid and prep powder product range are focused around. This is not just an intentional ploy to get people buying additional products, it is genuinely an edge myself and my close friends have employed for a good number of years now. There is no better time than now to try and help people understand why we do it and how we get the best out of every single food item that we put out onto the pond by using liquids and powders.'

Tom White runs a bait company when he is not fishing or at work


With so many anglers now using boilies as there main approach to carp angling with more often than not the boilies they use are straight out of the bag, freezer or shelflife it became apparent that adding the right liquids at the right time can evoke a much quicker and intense feeding response. Im not talking about a splash of liquid and a dust of powder that will come off as soon as the bait hits the water, this is a 3 day process that will ensure that your bait remains fresh for up to 2 weeks, and will stay attractive once put into the water for an extended amount of time which can be invaluable when prebaiting. Also the second the bait is put out onto the lake bed it becomes active and continues to pump out attraction for well over a week untainted by the lake bed ouders which ensures it will be considered a worthy food source above any other bait around the lakebed. Some may say it will turn them off, the bait is too 'in their face' and will actually repel them. I say from my and my friends experiences it is in fact the opposite if you use the correct liquids which have been formulated for this purpose in mind this isnt the case and the sky is the limit to what you can achieve. The method I am going to go through is called 'liquid loading' and the advantages are numerous if done correctly. The aim is to fully hydrate the bait to the core with liquids and then to coat the bait in powders that ensure that the bait is instantly active leaving a scent trail throughout the water column and in addition to this leaving a food signal footprint on the lake bed even after the bait has been eaten.

i) The hemp oil will slightly harden up the bait and seep right into the core of the bait due to its nature. Being hydroscopic and lighter than the surrounding liquids it will push the other liquids out of the bait and through the water column. This is why we apply this liquid first.

ii) The 2nd liquid is the Active food source liquid that provides the eat me food signals that travel through the water and into the lake bed as it is expelled from the bait itself.

iii) The prep powder creates an added dimension that most bait do not have. An active outer layer that is alive once immersed in the water, which also travels up and down the water column and is left in the lake bed even once the bait is eaten.


This method (depending on which bait and liquids you use) takes around 3 days to fully load the bait and the process is as follows. For the purpose of illustration i have used the following products all from the PurebaitConcepts table:

Aminoester freezer bait in 18mm (2.5kg)

High Grade Hemp oil (50ml)

AminoEster Active Liquid food (150ml)

AminoEster prep powder (250g)

  1. Firstly defrost the bait fully. A frozen bait cannot take on anything and once defrosted the bait is like a sponge and we need the liquids to be taken fully into the core of the bait. With the Aminoester this takes 4-6 hours depending on the ambient temperature. Place the bait in a bucket with room enough to move the bait around and evenly coat all baits with a shake up. 

2. Once the baits have been fully defrosted pour 25ml of Hemp oil onto the baits, close bucket lid and shake until all baits are coated evenly. Leave for the oil to soak in fully and   repeat with another 25ml of hemp oil and repeat. This should take 24hrs for the oil to be taken into the core of the bait.

3. Once the Hemp oil is not visible on the outer layers and 24 hrs have passed the bait is ready for the next stage of preparation. Now we take the liquid food and apply it in 50ml stages leaving 6-8hrs in between applications to allow absorbtion of the more dense viscous, liquid food. After the 3rd dose of 50ml and at around 24hrs the bait should be fully hydrated now and will no longer take any more liquids on board. Now the bait is ready for the powder application.

4.  Apply the 1st load of prep powder coating the baits fully via shaking the tub and then leave for 3-4hrs to let the coating adhere to the baits and the liquids. The repeat coating all the baits fully which should now look like the finished article ready to be put out into the pond.

Matching AminoEster prep powder formulated specifically for this application.

Multiple densities and soluble properties of various seed, nut, milk, cereal and yeast ingredients.

1st Prep powder coating and leave for 3-4hrs...

2nd and final coating...

The finished article...

As I said earlier I have used my own bait companies products which I personally have 100% faith in but, as there are plenty of other suitable products out there have play and see what you can come up with. Till next time be lucky and stay safe.