Fishing is the best medicine – Darren Blunt

Unfortunately due to some health issues my fishing has had to take a back seat recently, I spent many a day at home just desperate to get back to White Swan. Occasionally when I felt up to it I ventured down to the Trent just for a change of scenery and hoping to get a bend in the rod and fortunately I managed to wangle out one carp...

A rarely caught Oxfordshire mirror

Finally feeling 90% better I headed off to dinton . A couple of sessions were spent fishing bits of foam and varied depths but if I'm honest zig fishing just isn't for me much preferring to give them something proper to eat. My 3rd session a few kilos of Trent Baits Shrimp were loaded into the car and one again I headed to white swan. After a good walk and watching the Weather App I decided to plot up with the wind coming straight at me. Many teas and a bit of grub I soaked it up at white swan.... this was the medicine I so needed!


A bit of grub and the outdoors, just what the Dr. ordered!

Up at 5am I scanned the lake for signs, the only activity I saw was out in the middle. I'd give it till 1pm then look for a move. At 12.30 the left hand rod signalled a take with the fish slowly taking line soon had me in the weed before long. Slow steady pressure applied and I felt the kick as the fish came free. 15yards out I saw a line of scales down the length of the fish.... I knew now it was a linear, but which one? With some relief the fish was soon in my net and it looked a good one. The fish was finally confirmed to be the Snake Lin and at 41lb 12 . Deep joy!

Returning the huge linear

Photos were taken and loads of smiles all round.. I couldn't have felt any happier! My last day of the session I prepared the BBQ for a little feast... just as everything was ready to be eaten I received another take. This fish was moving fast and one again I found myself employing every trick trying to get a weeded fish out but this time it wasn't happening. Soon enough I found myself afloat heading towards the weed bed (many thanks to the guys who got the boat for me). Soon I was above the fish, slow steady pressure was applied and from the depths I could see a large ball of weed coming up to meet me.... but no signs of a fish..... As the weed hit the surface a small pec appeared from the side of the weed.... scooping up the weed I was just praying I'd managed to get the fish as well. Pulling the weed apart soon had me smiling from ear to ear.

Another lovely White Swan mirror

Back on dry land I unfolded the net to take in the amazing sight of the 'pretty one'.... 45 years old, stocked back in 1981, I felt absolutely privileged to have caught this amazing fish at 34lb 8 and a rare visitor to the bank.

I'd been very fortunate to have caught 2 amazing fish and fishing the way I like..... Trent baits shrimp and my ever faithful ESP components doing the business once again.