‘It always comes good in the end!’ – Daren ‘Tinpot’ Norman

'Last July I decided it was time to have another crack at very special 40 acre pit I’d unsuccessfully dabbled on in the past. The pit still has a bit of mystery to it but is thought to hold around 40 fish including one very large mirror.'

I got off to a great start and managed to catch the Adidas fish at 42lb 10oz backed up by couple of nice commons early on, but after these I began to rack up the blanks on this headbanger of a water. August ,September and October were fruitless before I had a break for the winter. I started back up in April, but as I’d found in the Autumn, the carp in this pit rarely show which makes tracking down the low stock difficult to say the least and a lot of the time you’re fishing on hunches.

Conditions looking good for a bite, but only if the fish are there!

The pit had only produced two carp all year until this point but little did I know my fortunes were about to change. Last Friday one of my hunches finally paid off and twenty nights after my last carp from “The Zoo” a 6am drop back led to a lovely carp known as the double bellied common at 37lb 2oz nestling in my net. As you can imagine I was absolutely over the moon but things then went a bit crazy. At 10.30 I received another bite and unlike the previous easy plod this fish put up an excellent account of itself, dragging me all over the swim as I brought it in from long range. Eventually I netted a stunning scaly mirror carp with enormous barbules. It was one that I had been looking at photos of and dearly wanted. It weighed 31lb 12oz and just as we were getting the camera equipment ready one of the other rods was away. Talk about like buses! After a very hairy scrap due to the fish coming in along with a 6 ft branch, i was relieved to put the net under a mint 30lb 12oz common to make it a hat trick of 30’s on a very memorable morning.

The 'Double-bellied Common' at 37lb 2oz.

A stunning mirror at 31lb 12oz

Conditions looking good for a bite, but only if the fish are there!

All the fish were caught at 120 yards on Signature wafters over Krill boilie. Tackle comprised of 15lb Syncro XT, Tungsten Loaded Tubing and Lead Clips. The business end as always was 6 inches of 20lb Tungsten Loaded attached to a size 5 ready made Chod Rig. Be lucky and keep at it, it always comes good in the end !