Kev Hewitt’s 50th UK 40lb Carp!

‘It started off as just another normal session but what unfolded had to be seen to be believed. It was as if all of the carp gods and gathered together and decided to shine down on me.’ I had a really good year on farriers catching good numbers of fish throughout but the big fish avoided me all year. On my last trip I was fortunate to land an incredible […]


Watercraft: The whys and wherefores – Kev Hewitt

‘Watercraft’. A single diverse word that means so many different things to anglers and very little to non anglers. In fact if you looked up the word Watercraft in a carp dictionary there simply wouldn’t be enough pages to thoroughly explain the meaning. ‘Watercraft’ – a single, yet diverse word that means so many different things to anglers Anglers who begin to understand watercraft catch many fish. Anglers who are […]


A cold north-easterly haul – Kev Hewitt

‘When you think of cold north easterly winds you hardy envisage rods ripping off left right and center, especially when fishing a tricky venue where a fish a session would be classed as a result for anyone’ I shall not be so pessimistic in future when I see a cold north easterly forecast. So I arrived at the lake after work on Saturday evening and in all honesty I didn’t […]


An overnighter ‘thirty’! – Kev Hewitt

‘With the daylight hours stretching out, a quick overnighter between work was in order to take advantage of the wonderful weather this week.’ I instantly dispatched a rod right into the rings on the surface and pushed my buzzers into the ground and clipped on the bobbin…. I arrived at the lake on Wednesday evening and knew I only had an hour and a half before it was dark. I […]

A great night shot!

Kev Hewitt’s overnighter 40lb common!

As far as overnighters go, a 40lber with your best mate there is about as good as it gets… It was bank holiday weekend and the weather looked bang on for a spot of carping. I had already arranged a family weekend and Monday afternoon I found my self at Slimbridge wetland Center feeding koi and common carp in one of the ponds. Then my phone rang and it was […]

A big framed common!

Kev Hewitt – Off to a flyer!

‘It had been a long time coming but finally I was opening the golden gates of my new syndicate and as I did I was met by glorious sunshine and an expanse of water blossoming with weed. The surroundings were pretty special, nice and mature with an abundance of vegetation surrounding the well maintained pathway around the lake.’ Clearing weed can be hard work but pay off big time I […]