Simple things that make a difference! – Kev Hewitt


Kev’s components of choice for an efficient anti-tangle set up

Sometimes really simple things in carp fishing can make all of the difference. Anything that can add an extra percentage to your chances of catching is worth its weight in gold in my opinion.

One key rig component that can be easily overlooked is the use of a Streamliner Rig Boom to kick the rig away from the lead.

The rig boom can be used in conjunction with a size 9 Quick Change Swivel and if you tie a loop in the end of your rig, you will have the added advantage of a quick change rig system.


The stiffness of the Streamliner Rig Boom prevents tangles on the cast and kicks the hooklink away from the lead at full extension for optimum rig efficiency

There are a number of rig booms out there which are all very soft and flexible which I think defeats the object of having a rig boom. The ESP Streamliner Rig Booms are made of a heavy, stiff polymer as opposed to the soft rubber and the benefits are two fold. First off the weight of the polymer pins the boom flat to the bottom ensuring rig concealment. Secondly the material gives it a stiffness that serves the purpose of kicking the rig away from the lead which eradicates tangles in flight. In fact the inclusion of a streamliner rig boom makes most rigs (including zig rigs) almost impossible to tangle and also helps reset the rig and push it away from the lead at full extension should it get picked up and spat out by a fish or a diving bird.


Kev with a cracking dark common caught on a rig incorporating the streamliner boom

Something as simple as a streamliner rig boom will aid presentation and ensure your rigs are fishing far more effectively all of the time. It really could be the difference between getting a bite whilst fishing efficiently and blanking.