A special sight!

Martin Bowler – More great spring memories

‘Sat on my bed chair with a black coffee in hand a mouse ate the final boilie I had dropped and a kingfisher shot by flashing its azure blue coat, too busy to stop with a brood to feed. A beautiful and peaceful scene but one I still wanted to shatter with my quest for carp continuing…’ What dreams are made of… The noise of broody geese with their honking […]


How to construct a ‘drop-off inline’ leadcore leader

If you are margin fishing or stalking on a water where bites are hard to come by, there is one lead arrangement that stands out as the best ‘hooker’ of fish… Fish feeding in the edge on some spicy pellet With the summer months well and truly upon us, now is one of the best times to find carp patrolling the margins of the lake. Whether they are passing through […]