Behind the Lens – A Gaz Fareham interview with Jack Reid

Taken from Carpology’s ESP supplement, Gaz Fareham recently interviewed ESP Filmmaker Jack Reid to find out what it was like working with angling icon Terry Hearn… Returning the punt to the boat house GF Just to begin, could you give us a brief introduction to yourself and your background  JR My name is Jack Reid, I’m from Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, I’m 31 now although I still get asked for […]


Maggot fishing and the ‘Germs’ Rig – David Meek

‘It’s funny how things come back around. I remember having a bit of holiday and using the 5 days at the Ringwood water Roach Pit. Marcus and I had been doing a lot of fishing together and his rig finesse and tweaks always made me want to step up my game. I’ve always been a thinker, and I like trying to come up with new ideas’ Carp of all sizes […]


Daren ‘Tinpot’ Norman – A Cassien hit!

‘After 8 months of planning I finally made the 800 mile drive down to Lac De St Cassien…’ Fish built for a tough environment I was prepared for a long one but after 550 miles I stopped at Lyon for a kip as I was shattered. After a good rest was up early and back on the road, arriving at 10.30 am the next day. After purchasing licenses and pumping […]

A perfect autumn morning

Martin Bowler – Autumn

Is autumn as good as everyone likes to make out it is? Martin isn’t so sure it is a total ‘walk in the park’ and explains here how to get the best from it… Autumn mornings… what’s not to like? Cool calm nights where the frost is close at hand aren’t far way now and under moonlight the water rocks as another carp leaps into fresh air. Daybreak sees no […]

An incredible mirror!

Tinpot bags a ‘zoo creature!’ – Daren Norman

Daren ‘Tinpot’ Norman has been on a tough three month campaign, but it finally came good! Tinpot explains… I’ve just finished a 3 month campaign on 40 acre gravel pit known locally as the zoo. I first had a go on there six years ago but left without managing to bank one of the pits elusive residents and vowed to return later. After a great spring elsewhere it felt right […]


When all the stars align – Darren Blunt

‘If you read my last piece on the capture of Son of Triple Row you would understand I was itching to get back to White Swan. The drive home to Nottingham had flown by and I was already making plans for another journey south…’ If you read my last piece on the capture of Son of Triple Row you would understand I was itching to get back to White Swan. […]

A gentle bite for a big fish!

‘A real rare one’ – Darryl Dunn

Darryl Dunn has been ringing the changes this year on his tricky syndicate, which recently came good with the capture of a rare mirror at 30lb 8oz The tricky Cambridgeshire syndicate I have been fishing for the last few years has certainly lived up to its reputation this year. It seams the only way to keep bites coming is to keep ringing the changes. The fish seam to wise up […]

Thanks for the memories!

An Everlasting Memory – Darren Blunt

‘In 2013 I joined Dinton White Swan. I always usually set myself a target fish or 2. Top of my list was Bernie’s Linear and The Twin. With an amazing stock, they all would be welcomed in my net and I couldn’t wait to wet a line there.’ I fished there catching a few but as I had unfinished business at another lake I couldn’t give Dinton my full attention. […]

An incredible capture!

The Last of The Summer ‘Lin’ – Alex Grice

‘I have always found summer to be a tricky period in carp fishing, especially with what seems to be everlasting hot temperatures, low water levels and insane weed growth what we have experienced this year’ Despite all of these demanding obstacles, I have found this summer to be a productive one, fishing the overnighters between work and setting traps ready for that cool first- light period before the heat of […]

A special sight!

Martin Bowler – More great spring memories

‘Sat on my bed chair with a black coffee in hand a mouse ate the final boilie I had dropped and a kingfisher shot by flashing its azure blue coat, too busy to stop with a brood to feed. A beautiful and peaceful scene but one I still wanted to shatter with my quest for carp continuing…’ What dreams are made of… The noise of broody geese with their honking […]