Barry Hearn Masterpiece!

‘This is nothing short of a masterpiece by a master craftsman! Terry Hearn’s dad, Barry, has been making a bird table of ALL bird tables since April. He only finished it a few days ago. The hundreds of hours of craftsmanship and love that has gone into this is unbelievable. Everything made by hand, no corners cut. Even the roof is properly battened underneath the slates to take the weight. […]

A true Thames warrior

New Terry Hearn Film – The Lady Pearl

After a ten year odyssey of fishing for tidal river carp with his Dad, Terry has lifted the lid on how he spends his June 16th! Quietly in the background and only known to some, Terry and his Dad have spent ten years now aboard their boat, the ‘Lady Pearl’, fishing for tidal carp up and down a lower stretch of the Thames. Over these years every June 16th has […]