New Terry Hearn Film – The Lady Pearl

After a ten year odyssey of fishing for tidal river carp with his Dad, Terry has lifted the lid on how he spends his June 16th!

Quietly in the background and only known to some, Terry and his Dad have spent ten years now aboard their boat, the 'Lady Pearl', fishing for tidal carp up and down a lower stretch of the Thames. Over these years every June 16th has seen carp 'crossing the deck' of the Pearl, with hundreds off carp accounted for since 2008. Apart from the odd bit of media work or presentations, Terry has kept most of this river fishing to himself and friends, with 2018 being the exception, having decided in autumn 2017 that it was the time to make a feature film with ESP.

The film is just short of half an hour and covers Tel's history with the river Thames as a youngster, right through to the baiting up of the river and the session itself. The well received, cinematic piece is free to view on ESP's Facebook and YouTube channels, so make yourself a bit of spare time, make a brew and join Terry aboard the Lady Pearl for June 16th 2018.