Daren ‘Tinpot’ Norman – A Cassien hit!

‘After 8 months of planning I finally made the 800 mile drive down to Lac De St Cassien…’ Fish built for a tough environment I was prepared for a long one but after 550 miles I stopped at Lyon for a kip as I was shattered. After a good rest was up early and back on the road, arriving at 10.30 am the next day. After purchasing licenses and pumping […]

A perfect autumn morning

Martin Bowler – Autumn

Is autumn as good as everyone likes to make out it is? Martin isn’t so sure it is a total ‘walk in the park’ and explains here how to get the best from it… Autumn mornings… what’s not to like? Cool calm nights where the frost is close at hand aren’t far way now and under moonlight the water rocks as another carp leaps into fresh air. Daybreak sees no […]

A great night shot!

Kev Hewitt’s overnighter 40lb common!

As far as overnighters go, a 40lber with your best mate there is about as good as it gets… It was bank holiday weekend and the weather looked bang on for a spot of carping. I had already arranged a family weekend and Monday afternoon I found my self at Slimbridge wetland Center feeding koi and common carp in one of the ponds. Then my phone rang and it was […]