Zig approach works for Dave!


A nice dark mirror which fell for an ESP Zig Bug

Dave Springall has got his spring off to a good start, accounting for the first carp from the lake in over four months!

It’s been a busy one for me of late with work and the minor event of getting married I had only managed three over night sessions since the start of September last year which I was lucky enough to catch a nice mirror at range whilst testing the new Cryogen hook patterns.


One caught at range while testing the Grip Riggers

The next trip was in November to a fairly large gravel pit back in Essex that I haven’t fished for many years and I managed to coax a nice mid twenty common in torrential rain within a few hours of turning up, again on the new Grip Rigger Cryogens.


Another one on the Grip Riggers

With my first trip back to Kent this year coming a few weeks back and consisting of nothing more than a work party, the second visit which was a very optimistic and cold overnighter produced nothing more than the expected blank. After a couple of weeks waiting for some slightly more encouraging weather I made my way back over the QE2 bridge this past week for my first three nighter in as long as I can remember.

17321374_10155081843442438_1763262766_nUsing the ESP Zig Bugs and 15lb Syncro XT at range the first two bites of the year turned out to be coot followed the next morning by a near double figure Tench. Then luckily though at the end of the second day after some mating swans smashed the tip section on one of my rods whilst in the act I was finally rewarded for my trials with a lovely old mirror. Unfortunately one I caught last summer from the opposite side of the lake but none the less, it’s a carp and the first one out of this less than easy pit for around four and a half months’.

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