Get on the Zigs!


Tools for the job

Kev Hewitt is a zig rig expert and says now is the perfect time to ‘get on the zigs!’ Here’s why:

Even in spring, there are periods of time where carp simply do not want to feed on the bottom. When bites are hard to come by it is well worth switching to the humble zig rig. Particularly if there is any kind of depth of water in front of you.

With the early spring sunlight penetrating the water, it is obviously going to be the upper layers that warm up the quickest and carp will regularly frequent the upper water column, quite often rolling, jumping and flanking in numbers.


Kev with a chunky zig caught mirror

Their whereabouts can be obvious and early spring is without doubt in my mind, the best time to get bites on zigs, particularly when the barometric pressure is relatively high. When it comes to depth of zig rig I tend to start anywhere from mid depth upwards.

One thing I always ensure is that I use reliable strong rig components as I want the best possible chance of landing fish. A 12lb ESP Zig Mono hooklength never lets me down and an ESP Zig Bug with its black foam body stands nails them every time. Now is the best time to use a black hookbait as it matches the spring invertebrate hatches’.

For further info on ESP Zig Bugs & Mono

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