Onyx Quickdraw Landing Net

Onyx Quickdraw Landing Net


The Quickdraw Twist-Lock landing net has a two piece telescopic high modulus carbon handle which retracts to 44” long (the same length as a 9’ Quickdraw rod) and extends to just over 6 foot. The twist-lock mechanism within the handle allows it to be locked at any point within its overall length, making it ideal for all round use when fully extended, or shortened down for restricted close quarters or boat work.

The net comes with stiff, lightweight 42” arms and a super strong but lightweight stainless spreader block which we machine in our Oxford factory. The deep mesh is perfect for retaining fish in the margins for short periods.

  •  Lightweight rigid twistlock handle
  •  Retracts to 44" (112cm) and extends to 6'3" (1.90m)
  • UK made stainless spreader block
  •  42" arms with deep olive mesh