Big Shot Boilie - Large

The Large Big Shot Boilie 

The wide gape frame is moulded in super strong glass filled nylon and features a long ergonomic handle for perfect grip and angled forks which help create the perfect firing position


The Twin Wall elastic provides excellent punch and recovery for maximum power and distance. Machined stainless steel rotation pins minimise elastic twist and tangles. The tough, durable large pouch is lightweight with a long easy grip pull tab and large vent holes in the pouch reduce drag and recoil. The capacity of the pouch makes baiting up with large quantities of boilies quick and easy.

  • Designed for maximum accuracy and long range
  • Super strong glass filled nylon
  • Long ergonomic handle
  • Machined stainless steel rotation pins
  • Excellent accuracy and tight grouping

Spare pouches and elastic are available separately.