Time for zigs!

Kev with a recent zig capture

Kev Hewitt is a seasoned zig fishing expert and here he imparts some valuable advice on when, where and how to get the best from this excellent tactic. Continue reading

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Kev in Orchid Winter Wonderland!

A stunning carp caught against all odds

The weather forecasts had been dominated by the likelihood of snow all over the UK. Cold air meeting warm air with a likelihood of freezing temperatures and heavy snow fall was too much of a temptation. Every carp angler dreams about catching whackers in the snow, myself included and there was only one place I simply knew I just had to be. I woke up at 5am Sunday morning and had a quick peek through the parted curtains to be greeted with the glow of thick white snow coving the Swindon landscape. It had settled in abundance, far more than anticipated. It really was now game on!

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New — Damsel Nymph Zig Bugs!

a17 2_previewHigh pressure conditions and cold bright sunny days in winter often results in carp holding in the mid — uppers layers of the water column. They might also be fairly torpid but a zig bug presented in front of them can often act like a lure and nick a bite when all else fails.

The new Damsel Nymph zig bugs fit the bill perfectly. Expertly tied to super sharp ESP Curve-Shanx hooks and very buoyant, enough to support a long hook link for a prolonged period, the black foam forms a silhouette, replicating a nymph and acting as a lure, while the four bugs have different coloured ‘eyes’ — red, green, pink and yellow which add a visual flash of colour for added attraction.

Available in sizes 8 & 10, barbed & barbless.

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