Yateley Whacker for Tony!

tonyburnhamHigh Wycombe based carper Tony Burnham has been in touch with news of his second 40lb+ common this year from Yateley North Lake.

This time Tony caught a fish known as Murray weighing 45lb 4oz. The bite came just three feet from the bank on a spot baited with hemp, chopped tigers and pellet soaked in CC Moore tuna extract.

Tony tamed the massive common with the help of a Terry Hearn Classic rod and the business end comprised a balanced tiger on a 6″ clone rig using 18lb Soft Ghost and a size 5 prototype ‘mk-3′ stiff rigger.

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Tel’s Top Tips #6

The longer nights of Autumn


The Chertsey 27, from a spot that could have been easily dismissed.

One for the more pressured waters. Now that the nights are longer it’s around this time that I’ve often found carp feeding away from the pressure, sneaking into the more unusual, obscure areas after dark. You know the places I mean, the little bays within bays, the corners within corners, all the places that you wouldn’t really expect them to go, and because of this they’re largely ignored. I can think of plenty of unlikely looking spots that I’ve fished in the past, which to look at in the day would have seemed completely devoid of life, yet at night they’ve come alive.

I remember one such tight corner on Chertsey where it was just about possible to squeeze in one rod, close to a shallow, gravel bottomed channel which went under the M3. The channel itself was fenced off ensuring nothing could escape, and alongside this fence a narrow, rusty bridge crossed the water. I’d walked across it more times than I can remember during my time on the lake, always stopping for a look as I passed, but this one time I noticed that a small patch of gravel had been cleaned off overnight. The water was crystal clear so I could easily see that there were no fish in the area, but the paler coloured, dinner plate sized scraping in the gravel was enough of a sign to tell me that they’d most likely been creeping in after dark.

I dropped a few tigers onto the shallow gravel, making sure I could still see their exact position as darkness fell, and as I was only fishing from the next swim along the bank, I kept walking back and forth to watch the area. By crouching down beside the old rusty bridge I was able to use the reflections from the motorway lights to my advantage, and that night I was amazed by what I saw.

Despite it being a chilly night, the carp ventured in and fed in water barely deep enough to cover your knees, at times rocking and swelling the water within a rod length of where I was silently crouched. Due to the nature of the swim, getting a bait onto the spot would have been pretty much impossible after dark but a plan was already coming together in my head, I just had to wait until the next day to put it into action.

Looking into the fish-less, tap-clear water the following morning it was hard to believe what I’d witnessed during the night, but the missing tigers and the presence of a couple more scrapings amongst the otherwise algae covered gravel was enough to tell me it wasn’t imagined.

The following night I had a trap waiting for them, waded into position and lowered with perfect precision whilst all was quiet. Looking at my hookbait in just two feet of crystal clear water with no fish anywhere near it seemed a little mad, but sure enough, within a couple of hours of it getting dark they were back and that rod was soon whistling off with a dumpy shaped mirror of 27lb’s. I went on to catch a couple more from that spot over the following nights too, which went to show that no matter how unlikely an area it seems in the day, once darkness has fallen it can be a different picture altogether.

Be lucky,

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Sean bags Buggy’s!

Buggy's FishSean Leverett has been hard at it this year setting up his bait company ‘Proper Carp Baits’, so time on the bank has been at a premium. Thsi weekend though he managed to sneak out and had a ‘proper’ result. Here’s Sean’s account:

With work at the bait factory being so busy, my time on the bank this year has been somewhat limited and i think i’ve done just 15 nights in total all year.

This weekend though I managed to get a free one and with that headed off to Bayeswater Syndicate lake for a couple of days.

The lake has suffered quite badly of late with an algae bloom but the last week or so the water has improved massively and the fish have started showing more and look a lot more active.
As I’d managed a quick night earlier in the week in order to get a bit of bait in I dropped back in to it for the weekend and with that fished a couple of rods short (just yards off the bank) and a couple on a plateau at 40 yards.

After a night of no action I decided to move one of the rods off the plateau and just have the one on it as I’d seen fish show on it but not had a bite and was concerned the two rods were not helping me.

Well a little before midnight on the Saturday night the lone rod on the plateau signaled a slow twitchy bite which at first I thought was a tench. However, when it took off on a 40 yard run I soon realized it was no tench!

Twenty five minutes and several failed attempts at netting (as it kept going on last minute runs) I eventually managed to net the fish and on looking in the net soon realized what I had.. It was a fish known as Buggy’s Fish and was one of the main A-Team of the lake.

At a weight of 44lb 10oz I was made up to say the least! The fish was well behaved for the pictures and after a little rest in the net to recover from the scrap he was soon back off into the lake none the worse for wear.

The winning set up was a multi rig tied up using the new ESP Tungsten coated hook link material (watch this space — its coming) with one of the size 5 prototype Mk3 Stiff Riggers. The hook link was fished on an ejector lead clip with a 3.5oz lead and the Flexi Anchor Tube. Main line was the 18lb Syncro Loaded.

Bait wise i was fishing one of our (Proper Carp Baits) new Pineapple & N-Butyric Acid pop-ups over a 1 kilo bed of whole and broken 15mm Red Seal boilies’.

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