Syncro Loaded voted best by Carp-Talk readers!

E-S-P Syncro XT Loaded has won the ‘Best Main Line Category’ in the Carp-Talk Awards.

As always the 2015 Awards were voted by the readers of Carp-Talk.

BEST main line 2015

If you are getting ready for the spring and need to load new line onto your reels — look no further.

For more info on E-S-P Syncro Loaded please follow this link:

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Kev’s Orchid hit hinge rig!

Check out this video to see the rig that Kev Hewitt has been using almost exclusively over the last eighteen months to catch vast amounts of big carp.


Just one of the big fish Kev caught on the unforgettable January session

We join Kev on the banks of Orchid Lake where he talks about the rig and approach that helped account for the monumental hit of big carp from the same venue back in January.

Kev’s approach is devastatingly effective and everything you need to know is revealed here.

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Kentish Keeps Katching!

‘Kentish’ Stuart Wallis has continued to brave the freezing conditions of late, and he was well rewarded last week. Over to you Stu:
‘I popped down to my local club pit again on Friday night to see if I could repeat the success of the last trip a couple of weeks back , didn’t get down until well after dark but got the sticks out and all settled in nicely on the end of a bitterly cold northerly.
I had no action through the night but was awoken by a bite from the snaggy margins at first light , it was then I noticed half the lake was frozen over!!! This little mirror was a welcome gift though. I made a sharpish retreat back home not long after slipping him back…

With the lake half frozen this lovely mirror made a welcome visitor

I woke up Sunday morning at home and with my wife off to the gym I thought it rude not to slip back down there for a few hours and see if I could snare another!! All went to plan and after about an hour or so I banked a nice looking common , not bad for a mornings work on a cold winters day!

An opportunist few hours were rewarded..

The size 5 stiff riggers and anchor tubing doing the business .
Lovely Times’…
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