Epic battle accounts for Nelson!

IMG_4894Daren ‘Tinpot’ Norman continued his fine run of recent form with one of his target fish, the one eyed carp aptly known as Nelson!

I got down for my first two nighter of my summer ticket after a few weeks away to find the lake looking lovely and fair bit weedier than it had been.

A lot of fish were evident in one of the corners so I fished nearby but after 24 hours in the swim I was becoming restless and wasn’t getting that feeling it was going to go. I had a good walk about and got a gut feeling to go up the other end as I thought some might be slipping up there after dark.

The move paid off when the following morning I had 2 takes. Unfortunately I lost a big fish in very thick marginal weed but when another chance occurred later on I managed to land a very special one after an epic hour and a half battle in the savage weed. Big thanks to my mate Ricci for all his help landing Nelson, one of the lakes A team and high on my list of desirables.


Obvious how Nelson got its name!

I fished a krill wafter over 2 kilos of krill boilies on my usual set up of 15lb Syncro xt, tubing and lead clip, Tungsten Loaded to a size 5 ready made chod finished the set up’.

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Meeky scores 9/10 with new hooks!


A wonderfully plated high twenty’

David Meek has enjoyed a couple of red letter sessions over the last couple of weekends, at the same time putting some new ESP Cryogen hook prototypes through their paces, which have performed very well indeed.

It’s been a manic couple of trips. Resulting in much slime and much aching of the arms. Everything seems to be sitting quite well at the moment. I do really enjoy summer fishing, sure the weather can be changeable but if you get your methods right your fishing can become very consistent.


My favourite swim’

With a couple of buckets containing the ‘mix of doom’, my barrow was pushed down the greener paths. The first trip I pitched up in my favourite swim. I had a quick check with the lead just to see how clean the spots were that I did so well from last summer. Sure enough the lead came back with fresh scrapes and dings indicating that the spots were still crisp enough to present rigs. Three simple d rigs tied with the new hooks that I had been given to test were flung out onto my chosen areas.

As expected like clockwork in the wee hours of the morning (2.30) one of the rods signalled a take. After a very spirited tussle a wonderfully plated high twenty was laying in the deep margins. After getting the rod back out, just over two hours later another rod was away. This time with a low thirty common. Which had clearly emptied out in the recent spawning. I decided to do a ‘selfie’ of the common as it would not settle.


The low thirty common

The following afternoon, with a fresh bucket of ‘doom’ deposited in the swim and I settled in for the night. Once again the following morning brought an flurry of activity resulting in three 20b mirrors. A few hours later I packed up a very happy slimy young (ish) man. I knew that I could have possibly had a couple more if there was more bait in the swim.

The following weekend, and my barrow is trundling down the path to a swim directly opposite the swim I pitched up in the week before. I had seen a few ‘cruisers’ and a few ‘millers’ so I was happy with my choice knowing that they would drift out in the night. Crisp drops vibrated up the blank as three d rigs were fanned out over the swim. All at the same distance but different positions.


A lovely mid-twenty

First light and the middle rod signals a take, after a short while I found I was attached to a tench. I gently unhooked him in the edge. Nothing more occurred. A quick detour to Red Hot Richies for some floater components and I was getting a sun tan whilst not really having much luck with the surface endeavour. So come 5pm I re-did the bottom rods and settled down for the evening. I awoke to a beautiful sunrise, and within a few moments my right hand rod was pulling down. Soon a lovely mid twenty was in the net waiting for his pics.


Another stunning mid-twenty

Whilst I was trying to take another selfie with a carp, my middle rod was in a blur, so I gently returned the mirror and picked up the rod. I had only been playing the fish for a few moments when my left hand rod was also away. So all I could do was loosen the clutch and let it run, there were no anglers on the lake so it wasn’t going to wipe anyone out. I played the fish out and soon had a low twenty common in the net. On picking up the last rod, it was solid which was to be expected, but I got him moving. After maybe five minutes the line fell slack, the fish had gone. It seemed like the line may have cut on something. I slipped the common back without any pictures as it was all a bit too manic.


Two rods down — the result of some frenetic action!

About an hour later one of the two repositioned rods was signalling a take, maybe three minutes into the battle and the remaining rod was away would you believe it. So all I could was lose the clutch and let it run. The first bite turned out to be a high double mirror. The other rod was picked up and a lovely mid twenty mirror was landed.

All in all a very good couple of trips. So with the new hooks I’ve had 10 bites with 9 landed and the one that was lost was down to a cut off. All the fish I landed were excellent hook holds so I have great confidence in these. Lovely times!’

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James tames two targets!

James Small enjoyed a memorable session recently on a local day ticket lake — accounting for two of his targets! Good angling James!

I arranged to do a 48 hour session on my local day ticket water called West Lake which I set as my target water this year with quite few decent fish to go for.


The Pretty One

When I arrived the fish were in a swim I had enjoyed some success including landing my personal best mirror at 34lb 10oz known as Pretty One. The first night of the session was quiet but the weather wasn’t with heavy winds and rain. But as soon as the sun came up and wind eased I was able get some bait out in a hole in the weed about 65 yards out.


Long, lean 28lb mirror


The big common

Within an hour I was in, after a long battle I landed a long lean pretty mirror at 28lb. During the second night at 1am the same rod screamed off tearing line from the spool and I was in the waders off out in the water in the wind and rain. It was savage, but after a long fight I eventually gained some line and about 20yards out I saw a massive common roll on the surface. I knew it was one the big commons and I soon had a PB common in the net 34lb 8oz!

I got the rod back out with 1kg boilies over the top then got some photos, a quick cuppa and back in the pit, but shortly after at 3am the same rod again screamed off but I couldn’t seem to get in the waders so into the water I went fully clothed and was lucky to quickly land a mirror at 26lb.

I then decided to re-do both rods and put my other rod just off the one I was having the runs from and spread another kilo of boilies over the top.


C Scale

It turned out to be the right decision because a couple hours later that rod was away and I landed another mirror and my 2nd target fish of the session landing a fish know as C Scale at 35lb — a new personal best mirror. So far in 12 nights over 8 weeks I landed 36 carp 3 x 30’s and 13 x 20’s all taken on a bottom bait rig made with E-S-P Soft Ghost fluorocarbon and size 6 Cryogen Classic hooks’.

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