Martin’s Simple Bottom Bait Rig

Martin Bowler’s approach to carp fishing rig presentation is remarkably straightforward. Here he shows us a very quick and easy to tie bottom bait rig which does the business!

To me carp fishing is very simple, based around location with everything else a secondary consideration because if you regularly put yourself in the correct spot there is absolutely no need to use complicated rigs.


I feed them bait they want to eat and combine this with a sharp hook/bolt rig. Other than that it mustn’t tangle and sit correctly on the substrate I have placed it on, ie gravel, silt or weed. Disappointingly then for anyone opening my tackle box hoping to find a secret — there is little more than a few ESP components.

For boilie fishing I use a ready tied chod, a hinged stiff rig again utilising an ESP rig and a bottom bait/snowman arrangement that I will explain how to tie to show you how simple things can be.

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New — Stash Waterproofs!

ESP Stash Waterproof Hoody

A practical, light weight, comfortable jacket that not only performs well, but also looks the part on or off the bank!

The fitted cut offers freedom of movement and the performance fabric is 5,000 waterproof and 3,000 breathable, olive green with contrasting ‘ESP orange’ logo and zip pulls.

On the inside are the special ESP logo printed laminate and fully tape sealed seams. Other features include a sculptured adjustable peaked hood, high collar, adjustable waist and cuffs, waterproof zip, zipped chest pocket with rain baffle and handwarmer pockets.

The jacket is super portable and can easily be packed down for storage in rucksack pockets etc.

Available in S — XXXL.

ESP Stash Salopettes

To complement the waterproof hoody. Made using the same 5000 / 3000 waterproof and breathable outer fabric as the lightweight Stash garments launched in 2013, these salopettes feature the addition of a nylon lining for extra ease and convenience.
The cut is fitted yet allows plenty of freedom of movement and the materials used result in salopettes that are light, quiet and comfortable to walk in.

Features include: Adjustable, elasticated shoulder straps with snap lock buckles, a double-ended, full length YKK zip with Velcro secured rain baffles, internal zipped security pocket and hand warmer pockets with protective rain flaps. The knees are double layered and the boot zips are gummed, water and mud resistant.

Available in S – XXXL

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Social result for Marcus!

Marcus Howarth sent us these lovely photo’s of a very nice mirror he caught on a social session at the weekend:

Here’s a pic of a lovely mirror I had the other day on a social night with friends Gaz and Rich.

Well after a good night with banter, carpy chat and a greasy kebab which always seem’s a good idea until you have eaten half of it. Anyway we got are heads down for the night.

Morning came and with Gaz waking me up it seemed that one of my alarms didn’t register a take oh no!! The fish was still on but unfortunately that turned out to be a lost fish to a hook pull. Gutted.

With most of the kit packed up and ready to go my other rod bursts into life and after a proper brutal battle the fish was in the net yes buzzing!!! The Smiles were back’.

The successful rig was a stiff hinge incorporating the usual ESP bits, a new tungsten coated braid for the boom, new as yet to be released leadcore and the trusty old 15lb Syncro.


Nearly there…Gaz acts as ghillie


Yessssss!!! Gaz does the business with the net and its hugs all round.


Perfect proportions, big heart tail, what a carp!

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