Another Belgian beauty for Wes!

Belgian angler Wesley Mast has been in touch with news of another lovely old mirror from a local venue. Well done Wes!

Bullhead 17.8

Bullhead — a real bruiser of a carp!

Two more weeks and the closed season in Belgium comes to an end and by that time this carp angler will be found at the banks of a few intimate public lakes and (hopefully) the videofootage for Carp Movement #3 will be ready.

But for now it’s back to that sweet little venue were I had that lovely near 40 leather on my first trip down there. All the gear was in the van the day before so without much delay I left home on that particular sunday morning around 8am and twenty minutes later I arrived at the carpark.

With no other anglers at the lake I opted for swim 10 on ‘the short side’, a mild wind was blowing in and I saw some decent fish cruising around in the margins of a corner next to my chosen swim.

The right hand rod went to that corner on the marginal shelf and with spawning in the back of my mind a short hooklink was needed so I went for the most natural presentation and tied a short snowman rig of 20lb ESP Camo Sink Link, a bit of ESP tungsten putty for keeping it all low to the ground and a D-7 (sz6) was used for that all important hold.

I flicked the left hand rod in front of my swim on a hard plateau I had found on the previous trip, a subtle Multi rig made from 20lb ESP Two-Tone, ESP Tungsten putty, sz5 Stiff Rigger and a 16mm Monstercrab popup from New Bait Designs landed with a firm ‘donk’ on the edge. A few Natural Squid freebies were scattered around both rods.

The waiting game…, we all know it so well.
Nothing happened all day, not one show to tell me where they were, even that corner turned into No Carp Bay.

The hours flew by and by the time I realised it was almost time to pack up and go home so I loaded all the gear back onto the barrow and with only my two rods in position it happened!

One of the rods melted off and after a heavy battle under the rod tip I landed yet another one from the A-Team. Bullhead, a very old and sought after fish from that little place. It went 39lb 15oz! Job done!’

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Tel’s Top Tips #2

Its well known that one of Terry Hearn’s main attributes is an acute sense of watercraft gleaned from years of observation and learning. A key element to this is watching the lake around dawn — painfully early at this time of year but well worth that little bit of extra effort. Here’s Tel’s two penneth:

dawnGet out of bed early in the mornings! If your behind on sleep you can always catch up by having a snooze in the afternoon, but make it your mission to never miss a dawn as this is nearly always the best time in the day for seeing the signs. Find them in the afternoon and you’ve found where they like to sun themselves, but find them at first light and you’ve found where they are feeding…whats most important?
A few years back I fished a fifteen acre pit with a reputation for being rock hard, hardly surprising considering it had less than ten carp swimming about within its depths. Rather than fishing blindly I got into the habit of driving to the lake and walking its banks at first light as often as I could, and in mid-April I finally saw the sign I’d been hoping for, when a big mirror poked its head out in a little fished area of the lake.

Up until this point I’d barely wet a line and had spent far more time walking and watching without my kit than I had actually fishing, but that one sighting was enough to swing the odds in my favour. While others were happy watching the low stock of carp in the snags in the afternoons, I’d gained knowledge of where they were when it mattered most, and over the following two trips I got lucky enough to catch both of the lakes known big ones.

Without walking and watching the lake at dawn it could have turned into a very long campaign, but that one sighting meant everything. Besides, dawn is the most magical time in the day, why miss it?
The only time I’d sacrifice being up at first light for another time in the day is mid-winter, particularly through periods of frosty high pressure, as when its like that the signs often come during the evening and first half of the night.


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Sean gets Equal!

A change of venue resulted in a lovely result for Sean Leverett, well done Sean! Here’s how it happened:


The stunning ‘Equals Linear’

I’d been concentrating on a large low stock non publicity pit for most of the spring but this week I just fancied a break from the place so decided to have a look over on Bayeswater, a lake i’d had a ticket on for some time but was still yet to ever fish.

I arrived at the lake mid morning on Monday and on walking round i saw a few fish showing just off the end of a strong south westerly that was blowing. I was tempted to fish this area but decided to continue to have a good look.

While looking, out the corner of my eye I was sure I noticed a fish show tight to the bank on the back of the wind. As I started to look properly at the area it soon became apparent that there was actually a few fish present as over the next 30 minutes I saw a further 8 shows, all on the back of the wind in the calmer water.

I decided to set up in this area and after a short while i’d found a couple of nice spots close in up against a small weed bed in the slightly shallower water. I then walked a rod down my right margin and flicked a rod out to where i’d seen the first fish show, tight to the bank. All rods were set up on multi rigs constructed using the new prototype ESP Tungsten hooklink material in 25lb along with the prototype Stiff rigger hook in size five.

Ejector lead lead clips and flexi anchor tube completed the set up. Mainline was the 18lb XT Loaded. All rods had home made cork ball pop-ups on and all were baited with a kilo of a home made spicy red fishmeal.

With the rods out and baited i set up the rest of my kit and continued to watch the fish roll. Just on 8pm and within just a few hours of getting the rods out I had a take on the margin rod and after a short but hard margin battle i netted what I could see was a decent sized fish. It turned out to be a fish known as The Equals Linear, a fish that only a couple of hours earlier I spoke about to a couple of the other members and said it was one i’d love to have!

At 37lb 10oz it was a healthy weight too and with a few pictures taken the Linear was slipped back to her home. That turned out to be my only carp of my 48hr trip but it seemed the tench like my bait too as I had a couple of them on my 2nd morning. All in all it was a nice way to open my account on a lake I’d never fished’.

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