Consistent ‘Kentish’ bags three in a night!

Sutton-at-Hone Kent carp legend ‘Kentish’ Stu Wallis has been in touch with news of three lovely carp caught on a bitterly cold overnighter from a local club pit.

A small common kicked off the evening…

Stu said ‘I went with Mark Boyle and he got first choice of swim, so I went back to the van to get my gear and upon my return he piped up ‘I’ve gone in the wrong swim ain’t I?!’ To which I swiftly replied ‘you most certainly have brother!’. I pushed my barrow straight past him to the prime snaggy margin swim next to the inlet from the river!’

…followed by this lovely scaley mirror

‘I had the two little ones before bed and the bigger one in the middle of the night, size 5 Stiff Rigger’s doing the business from a snaggy margin swim, hit and hold!! Lovely times!

The biggest of the trio came in the middle of the night

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Social result for ice breaker Sean!

Sean Leverett had a productive session recently, even though he was faced with brutal conditions he had a right result, catching three, here’s the full story:

Myself and George Benos decided to go over Bayeswater Day Lake for a 2 night social for my Birthday. The weather was cold but the forecast was saying the temperature was going to stay around –1 so we didn’t think the lake would freeze.

I got 3 baited rigs out towards the centre of the lake. Due to a total leader ban in force I used the Anchor Rig Tube with ejector lead clips and rubbers. I decided to go with short hooklinks using the new Tungsten material and size 7 Curve Shanks tied up as blow back rigs.

Hookbaits were single pieces of ESP buoyant yellow corn with 5 or 6 maggots threaded on above the corn. Small pva bag of maggots were attached and also a mix of maggots, sweetcorn and crumbed boilie was spombed over the area.

That night the temperature dropped to –6 and the lake froze solid but a 6 am one of my rods was away! I had to play the fish in from under the ice and then once I could see it in my margin I had to jump in to break enough ice in order to be able to net it.


Frozen solid!

It was only a small fish of just over 18lb but i’d never had one from under the ice before. Later that day the ice melted and i was able to get the rod back out and I went on to have a couple more, both around the 18lb mark, both of the same spot’.


My first fish from under the ice

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E-S-P Video Archive…Part 4

Ever wondered how Terry ties his chod’s so perfectly? These videos from a few years back show exactly how he does it…

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