Tinpot’s Cassien capers!


Tinpot’s 36lb common

Daren Norman recently experienced his first visit to the legendary Lake Cassien in the South of France, and we know he can’t wait to get back out there!

‘I got back last week from a six day trip to the historic 1500 acre Lac de St Cassien. We had an excellent time and although its extremely hard on the body, fishing days only, it was very rewarding.

I managed a couple of mid 30’s plus smaller ones and got to see fish to 49lb on the bank so was well pleased with that. My best one was a 36lb common on the last evening that was a real animal.It towed us around in the boat for 15 minutes and got to admit we thought it was a lot bigger when we “see colour” in the gin clear water before it shot off for the bottom again. Playing that fish out in the middle of the lake with the sun going down is a memory I will treasure for ever and was the perfect end to the trip.


A characterful mirror

I kitted up with 18lb Syncro XT, 20lb Tungsten Loaded hooklink to size 4 Cryogen Gripper hooks in the rough terrain and all the tackle stood up well’.

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Common Occurance for Dan Goult!


Dan with the biggest of the trip, a lovely old 36lb common

Dan Goult enjoyed a very memorable session recently on a special Cambridgeshire venue, excellent angling Dan!

I’ve not long returned from what can only be described as a truly epic session, breaking my PB common no less than three times. To say I was over the moon is and understatement!

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Bluebell — the complete guide by Kev Hewitt


Dave at 53lb+, the largest resident in Swan lake

Prolific carp catcher Kev Hewitt gives us an excellent overview of the Bluebell Lakes complex near Peterborough — one of the countries premier big carp day ticket fisheries.

I first set foot on the Bluebell complex back in 2013. I had heard lots about it but with it being over 2 hours away it was off the radar until one Saturday afternoon I decided off the cuff to just pack the car and make the journey. Little did I know that I would instantly fall in love with the place and would make the journey countless times over the coming years.

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