Meeky’s Hauling!


Mid thirty mirror

David Meek enjoyed another red letter session last weekend. In the process of testing some new ESP Cryogen hooks, Meeky notched up another eight carp including three 30’s. Over to the maestro:

I arrived at the ‘Fun Park’ early in the morning and sat in the car watching a portion of the lake in the dry. After seeing a couple of shows, I grabbed my jacket and coffee (it’s the new tea coffee, well carpy) and strolled to my favourite swim. The wind was picking up and the fish were definitely about. So the academic ritual of fanning tungsten d rigs out and depositing some ‘carp crack’ over the area, soon had me sitting very happy with the situation.

The feeding spells seemed to be different from last year, and I was expecting some sort of action at around midnight, so when the little bobbin starting engraving on the rod blank I was surprised. About ten minutes later a lovely mid twenty mirror was being slipped back. The action continued with another two more mirrors around the same size.


30lb common

I wound in early and popped int to see ‘Red Hot’ at the tackle shop. Much ‘bants’ was had and I nearly choked on a cake that moments earlier I had described at ‘like eating a cloud’. Only for it to dry up my throat, make my eyes water and panic that my last moments were going to be eating a cake! About an hour later I was back at the lake, doing exactly as I done the day before and what I have done for pretty much every session this season. The wind was blowing, and as every person that has an evo knows you feel like you’re sleeping under a crisp packet shelter propped up with lolly sticks! The first bite was when I was watching the olympics late that night. After a arm wrenching battle, a mirror that I had wanted to cuddle since I had first seen it was lying in the sack. At mid thirty she had clearly had a healthy flush out. Shortly after sorting that rod out, another was away. This was a 20lb mirror, then a 20b common, then whilst watching Mo win gold, another 30lb mirror. Sleep was needed! But again I was disturbed by another 30 this time a common.


A nicely proportioned mirror from the 8 fish haul

Early that morning I set up the cameras for some ‘selfies’. What an awesome session! And what an incredible lake!’

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Tel stacks them up!


The Long Common

Terry Hearn returned to his syndicate water when it re-opened at the start of August after its annual July shut down. Between November last year when he started on the venue and the end of June Tel had accounted for something like 130 carp with not many repeats — more fish than he thought the lake held! But the biggun has so far eluded him.

However, he’s got back in the swing of things straight away, although the repeats are understandably starting to mount up now:


The scaley 28lb 10oz mirror

Things are going well, managed seven opening trip, best two 35 and 37 (both repeats though). Best one was a lovely scaley mirror of 28.10, new’un for me. Managed five more last week up to 31, all repeats, and then this week was proper hectic, fifteen takes, landed eleven, best The Long Common at 43.o4.


A cracking mid thirty

The weeds really thick in places so I’ve been using size 5 Grippers over the last two trips, along with the usual ESP Leadcore and 18lb Syncro.’


Cryogen Grippers — a big edge in heavy weed.

So Terry continues his quest for what could be a British record carp. In the 20th year since catching the legendary Mary from Wraysbury, what are the chances? Good luck Tel!

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Darryl off to a great start!


This ancient looking mirror marked a great start

Darryl Dunn returned to a very special Cambridgeshire syndicate recently and got off to a great start, good angling Darryl!

Having finished on my spring ticket on the Kent syndicate it was time to return to the special place in Cambridge. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve and set the alarm for a 4am start. But I was already awake at 3:15 and raring to go. I pulled up at the venue at 5am and it instantly felt good to be back. This truly is a special place.

One of the other members had left a garden patio chair in one of the swims that commands a good view of the entire lake. I sat down and watched the water for a good hour as dawn unfolded. In that time I saw one possible show and one definite fish head and shoulder in the same area of the lake. They aren’t the most showy fish on this venue at times so this was a good lead to start with.

I moved around to sit in the swim that covers this water and again sat for the best part of an hour watching for signs. There was a little bubbling going on along with one more show. That was good enough for me to be going on with. I soon had the tackle in the swim, and even though this venue can be a real head banger I knew there was always the possibility of a quick bite. So rods were put out with the minimum of disturbance as singles with tiny PVA sticks.

Unfortunately nothing materialised that first morning. It was a warm but very breezy day and all signs of activity stopped, so it was time to get a bit of bait in and get ready for the first night. All of the rods were re-done with rigs of semi-stiff Tungsten Loaded tied to size 5 Cryogen Grippers baited with Sticky Krill wafters. A scattering of bait was sticked around each rod and the traps were set.

After an early morning start I was in the bag shortly after dark and quickly off to sleep. The next thing I knew it was 5:20am and I was being awoken by a series of bleeps on my left hand rod. As I opened my eyes I saw the rod tip spring back. As I reached the rod the bobbin was just starting to tighten up again. I picked the rod up and tightened down, only to find very little in the way of resistance on the other end. Something was there but it wasn’t in much of a mood to pull back. I thought I had hooked one of the smaller Bream in the venue and played it in gently as I slipped into my chest waders.

The lake is suffering with an incredibly thick algae bloom at the moment which had formed a thick scummy layer in front of me. I saw a gentle swirl in front of me and I positioned the net ready. A little extra pressure on the rod and out of the green carpet popped a very un Bream like head and straight into the net it went. Not what I was expecting but more than welcome. Onto the mat I gently laid an ancient old looking mirror of 25 – 13. Not huge by todays standards, but these fish are approaching 50 years old and rarely give themselves up too easily, so to me they are all very, very special, big or small.

No other action was had for the rest of that day. Once again come early afternoon all rods were rebaited with the same tactics as the day before ready for another night.

A very quiet night was had with not even a single bleep. I was up and awake just before 5am and sat watching and waiting with a brew in hand. The algae looked to have got even worse and I didn’t see anything much to go on.


Darryl’s second fish weighing 24lb 5oz

By 7.15 I thought it wasn’t looking too promising and I would grab another hours sleep. The second I lay back, the same rod as the day before pulled up tight. I picked up the rod and leaned into the fish. This time it felt a lot more carp like. Nothing too dramatic just a plodding steady fight. Waders on, into the margins and I was soon scooping my prize up in the net out of the green soup.

Another old mirror, this time weighing 24 – 05 was soon unhooked with care and being held up for the camera in the morning light.

Two bites in two nights would be classed as pretty good going on this venue and as many of the big fish haven’t been out yet this year on this venue I knew I was in with a good shout of another bite.

A quick check with the wife and I was on for a third night. But alas that was the end of the action for me. Not that I was upset as two early fish on a return to this difficult venue was a very welcome result’.

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