Maggots trick big common for Sean!


Sean’s 37lb 8oz Bayeswater common

As the temperatures start to drop maggots come into their own as one of the main winter edges. Sean Leverett employed the ‘germs’ approach last week and was rewarded with a lovely common, well done Sean!

With work starting to slow up a little now I managed to get in a few days fishing over on the Bayeswater Syndicate.

I opted to go on the back of the wind as it was a few days old and I thought they may have backed off it by now. I’d fished the area a couple of times before so knew where I wanted to fish the rigs. The last 8 or 9 carp had been out on maggots and the boilie fishing had all but stopped so with this in mind I got some red maggots on my way to the lake.

I decided on Multi rigs with our own 12mm Red Seal pop-ups attached with a small bunch of red maggots tied at the top to form a medusa rig. Pva bags of mixed boilie crumb and red maggots were then glugged in Pro Amino liquid before being attached and cast to a deep silty gully at 55 yards. On my second morning I had a strong take and after a short fight landed this 37lb 8oz common.

Rigs consisted of a size 6 Stiff Rigger and the soon to be released Tungsten Loaded hook link material in 25lb. Ejector Lead lead clips and Flexi Anchor Tube due to the no leader ban. 18lb Syncro Loaded main line finished off the set up. The pva bags were made up using the 32mm PVA Mesh Kit’.

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New — Zig Bugs & Zig / Floater Mono!


ESP Zig Bugs

The most realistic zig bugs on the market? Almost certainly! Ready tied zig bugs have been around a few years but ESP’s association with the method goes back over 10 years to 2004, when Bristol angler Mark Drake (the brother of ESP sales rep and expert fly tyer Dave Drake) first used them on Pingewood Lagoon. He gave some to Terry Hearn who was also fishing the lake at the time and between them they tricked a few of the lakes prized residents on these bugs. Being considered such an ‘edge’, they were kept quiet at the time but are now available to all.

Expertly tied to super sharp ESP Curve-Shanx hooks and buoyant enough to support a long mono hook link, the black foam body acts as a silhouette, replicating a ‘bug’ perfectly and acting as a lure to carp feeding aggressively on fly hatches.
The four bugs have different coloured bellies – pearl, red, green and yellow – which add a visual flash of colour for added attraction.

Available in sizes 8 and 10 and a choice of barbed or barbless. Four bugs per packet, mounted in hook protecting soft foam.
eWudrbz_NBCJj9OfDquDHw3oMK1Y6kDqa1di7tJlnUk,RX6fWmQTgnHlLYdiiD6gcfZzyV7SkRL-lsYy8K9saEIESP Zig & Floater Mono

This clear, semi-buoyant mono is ideal as a hook link for zig rig and floater fishing applications. Featuring a fine diameter to knot strength ratio, it is tough and durable and has just the right amount of stretch to make it perfect for combining with smaller hooks.

ESP Zig & Floater mono knots well and although the breaking strain is not underrated, optimum knot strength can be achieved with a carefully tied five turn grinner or palomar.
Available on 100m spools and in the following sizes:
8lb (3.63kg) 0.23mm
10lb (4.54kg) 0.26mm
12lb (5.45kg) 0.28mm

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Brand New Designs — Super Grade Waterproofs!

ESP Super Grade Waterproofs
Introducing new designs using the same super tough, yet comfortably soft material that has put ESP Super Grade clothing at the top of the league. These garments not only outperform other fishing clothing, they really look the part too.

With a waterproof rating (hydrostatic head) of 25,000 and a breathable rating of 10,000 the fabric is on a par with that used by some of the most expensive brands of mountaineering clothing and also the British military. As a comparison guide, most of the weatherproof clothing on the angling market has a waterproof / breathable rating of 5,000 / 3,000.

FullSizeRenderSuper Grade Jacket
This new design has a slightly longer and roomier cut than the previous SG jacket. Featuring a rip-stop shell which is tough yet soft and ‘quiet’ plus a rip-stop lining.

Totally waterproof and windproof with exceptional breathable qualities, other features include an adjustable, fitted, peaked hood which can roll up into the collar when not required.

The high collar is snug and comfy and prevents draughts, plus there are hand warmer pockets with a protective rain baffle, a zipped internal security pocket and the full length YKK zip is protected by a Velcro sealed rain flap. The adjustable cuffs also feature an internal neoprene cuff which enhances warmth and prevents water ingress when casting.

Available in all sizes from Small to XXXL.

YpW8okiRacmKGpmI3bgea7CI7Udb_mHP410ZHcd1O70,RR8U6Mv1hdNueM_HYyj2Ewv9HntZp30uyLlmET7PhUc,_z9gvVr8gLc8g4zuGvXgoTWvxth3E4UVcTLABO9KvoISuper Grade Salopettes
A completely new design, these Super Grade Salopettes provide exceptional protection from the elements. The clever water resistant side zip makes the salopettes easy to put on and remove and because there is no long central zip down the body, this has allowed room for a capacious zipped chest pocket which is protected by a rain baffle and a baffled zip fly.

Other features include adjustable elasticated shoulder straps, handwarmer pockets, reinforced, double layered knees and water resistant boot zips.

Available in sizes Small to XXXL.

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