Sean gets Equal!

A change of venue resulted in a lovely result for Sean Leverett, well done Sean! Here’s how it happened:


The stunning ‘Equals Linear’

I’d been concentrating on a large low stock non publicity pit for most of the spring but this week I just fancied a break from the place so decided to have a look over on Bayeswater, a lake i’d had a ticket on for some time but was still yet to ever fish.

I arrived at the lake mid morning on Monday and on walking round i saw a few fish showing just off the end of a strong south westerly that was blowing. I was tempted to fish this area but decided to continue to have a good look.

While looking, out the corner of my eye I was sure I noticed a fish show tight to the bank on the back of the wind. As I started to look properly at the area it soon became apparent that there was actually a few fish present as over the next 30 minutes I saw a further 8 shows, all on the back of the wind in the calmer water.

I decided to set up in this area and after a short while i’d found a couple of nice spots close in up against a small weed bed in the slightly shallower water. I then walked a rod down my right margin and flicked a rod out to where i’d seen the first fish show, tight to the bank. All rods were set up on multi rigs constructed using the new prototype ESP Tungsten hooklink material in 25lb along with the prototype Stiff rigger hook in size five.

Ejector lead lead clips and flexi anchor tube completed the set up. Mainline was the 18lb XT Loaded. All rods had home made cork ball pop-ups on and all were baited with a kilo of a home made spicy red fishmeal.

With the rods out and baited i set up the rest of my kit and continued to watch the fish roll. Just on 8pm and within just a few hours of getting the rods out I had a take on the margin rod and after a short but hard margin battle i netted what I could see was a decent sized fish. It turned out to be a fish known as The Equals Linear, a fish that only a couple of hours earlier I spoke about to a couple of the other members and said it was one i’d love to have!

At 37lb 10oz it was a healthy weight too and with a few pictures taken the Linear was slipped back to her home. That turned out to be my only carp of my 48hr trip but it seemed the tench like my bait too as I had a couple of them on my 2nd morning. All in all it was a nice way to open my account on a lake I’d never fished’.

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Spence back amongst the bigguns!

Spencer Wright from the Isle of Wight has had a couple of productive overnighters over the last couple of weeks — catching a forty pounder per trip! Spence’s highly effective approach is producing even when the fishing has been particularly slow. Here’s the full story:


The Spring Common

Spring Common
With the alignment of the moon, air pressure and weather, I was eager to get down to my local syndicate, where two weeks beforehand, i’d managed a fine brace of 40+ mirror & common carp.

I moved three times trying to keep on the fish as they departed the area’s soon after setting my traps, such was there awareness of what was around them.

I had my traps spoilt, five times in the first day as a fish trailing line ruined my carefully presented hook-baits. As nightfall approached, I was nervous at the prospect of having my rods wiped out with the possibility of not being able to re-place them.

At midnight I had a couple of bleeps from the Neville and fearing the worse, quickly walked to my rods and felt the line, which was bow-string tight. I struck expecting to have some initial pressure and it all fall slack, but felt a healthy bend and then gave line as the unseen leviathan surged off!

After 25 minutes of sustained pressure and surging runs, I finally managed to entangle the fish within the folds of my net and was quite surprised to see the scales of a bar of gold, looking up at me.

The scales settled on 41lb 3oz and was identified as the Spring Common, last making an appearance over two years ago.

It fell to my usual favoured and hugely successful Anchor rig, bottom bait set up of a size 6 Mk2 stiff Rigger, 15lb Stiff Rig Bristle-filament. 15lb Brown Camo Sink-Link reverse combi-rig attached to a double ring swivel, fished drop-off style, in a 2oz inline Leadshed lead and 45lb ESP Weedy Green Leadcore.

Bait, was CC Moore’s new Pacific Tuna, over chopped & whole freebies.

Titanic Tussle
Following on from last week’s overnighter, I was obviously keen to get back to the lake after the result of my second 40+ in as many weeks. With many things conspiring against me I didn’t arrive until just before dark and had to take care of photo duties for my best friends son, Jack before getting too my chosen plot.
I strategically placed 3 snowman set up’s, comprising of a red Northern Special on a custom CC Moore Pacific Tuna Bottom bait over washed out chopped and whole free offerings. The trusty Anchor Rig comprised the business end.

Soon after positioning my rods at the bottom of a marginal shelf, I received an aborted take from a trailer, wiping my banker rod out which meant the arduous task of trying to reposition this, in complete darkness was required, which I thankfully achieved without too much trouble.

Soon after line bites commenced, which carried on through the night at regular intervals, meaning sleep was very hard to come by, and by day break, I was feeling slightly worse for wear.

Thankfully, a short, sharp take brought me to my senses and after a titanic battle, lasting 45 minutes a very wide mirror ended up in the folds of my welcome net.

1 066

The ‘Titanic’ mirror

On the scales, it pulled down to a satisfying 42 – 10, meaning in the last few weeks, my tally of biggies had risen to 4, all down to having the confidence in your tackle and bait to fish effectively, no doubt.

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Tel’s Top Tips!

The start of a new series of tips from the UK’s most iconic carper Terry Hearn.

Tel will cover technical, watercraft and bait related tips throughout the year, sharing valuable knowledge gleaned from over twenty years of being right at the top of the big carp scene.

First up — Floater Fishing — Be Prepared!


A stunning upper 30 taken off the surface

Make sure to pack the floater kit. It’s very easy to look out of the window, see that it’s wet and windy and decide to save on weight and leave it at home, but at this time of the year the weather can change in an instant.

One day it can be damp and dreary with temperatures barely into double figures, and the next it can be hot and sticky with temperatures into the 20’s. Don’t get caught out!

Most of us are already carrying spools of light stretchy mono and small hooks for zigging, as nowadays its well known that zigs can produce the goods from as early as February, so when it comes to fishing on the surface there really shouldn’t be a great deal to add.

A dedicated floater rod combined with a smaller, lighter reel (I use an E-S-P Floater rod with a Daiwa SS2600 reel), along with a separate bag containing half a dozen assorted controller floats and the floaters of your choice is all thats needed.


The perfect rod for floater fishing

When conditions are right it’s possible to catch more off the top in a single afternoon than it would be fishing on the bottom for two or three whole nights, making floater fishing a tactic not to be ignored’.


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