Car Park ‘Unknown’ for Michael!


Now known as the ‘Unknown’

Michael Whitney broke his PB on the famous Yateley Car Park lake recently — with a bit of a surprise… Well done Michael!

I set up Thursday evening on the Car Park Yateley, this was only my 8th night on the lake in my first season with the ticket. as i had been targeting a big dark common in a lake round the corner and hadn’t wanted to give in yet.

The wind woke me up at 2am hacking across the lake from behind me. I pretty much knew right then i would be moving at first light. I woke up, wound in and went for a walk straight round to a bay where the wind had been blowing all night, and was stronger now than ever.

With no hope of seeing any signs of fish with the white tops racing across the water, I knew this would be my best chance for a bite. The bay was nice and quiet, sheltered by the trees and it was nicer for me to be tucked up in there too. I quickly set up, found a nice hard spot with the lead, over the back of a small gravel bar and threw about 30 boilies on it. I made up a couple of sticks and put two rods out. They were only out for about half an hour when the Delkim woke up!

At the first bleep I thought .…..Swan, the next two bleeps i thought.…..bloody swan! Then as single bleeps melted into one solid tone i knew this could be it. The next 30 seconds of action i’ll never forget. She went straight for the weed, I held her up as much as i could but she took line the whole time, not with a steaming run but just the weight of the fish in the weed. As I slipped the net under I was thinking easy 30 by the size of her head. It wasnt till I was stood over the fish and looked down into the net, that i could see just how big this fish was.

20160129_160929-1At 42lb 1oz I smashed my old pb by nearly 5lbs. A fish of a lifetime from a venue I used to only dream about fishing on.

They have let me name the fish.……its now.….…“TheUnknown”

Michael used a simple pop up rig comprising ESP Tungsten Loaded and a size 6 Stiff Rigger.

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Chrissie Wiggins’ in winter wonderland!


Chrissie with a lovely mirror from his five fish haul

Young angler Chrissie Wiggins has started using the new Tungsten Loaded hooklink recently and enjoying some excellent action, well done Chrissie!

I went for a quick 24 session at my local club water after finding a few fish showing not far out I quickly got into the swim before someone else jumped in there. Once in the swim got the rods out fast as I could.

I flicked two multi rigs out just to see if I could nick a bite. After a couple of hours with nothing to show I decided to tie up two fresh rigs using the new Tungsten Loaded hook link and my trusted size 6 stiff rigger hooks. I made them a little longer than what I was already using as the fish were defo more in the small bit of weed that was still there.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 15.18.09

After a recast and two fresh rigs in the weed I felt confident for the night. After getting a few liners around midnight I decided to put in some bait dotted in and around the weed. The liners kept coming until about 4.30am then all hell broke loose!

In the space of 2 hours and 3/4kg of boillie I had 7 takes landing 5 and loosing 2.. I had three mid 20s mirrors and two upper double commons. With every take they all kited left and into this snag.

As soon as I was landing one, unhooking it in the net quickly changing the hook on the multi rig and getting it back out there the other rod was off! At one point I had two retainers with fish in. It was a mad few hours! With every fish I hooked they knew where they where heading but my trusted Syncro Loaded never let me down.


The Farlows mirror

A couple of nights later I visited Farlows and caught this lovely 26lb 4oz mirror, again on the same set up’.

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Jo strikes gold in Morocco!

10Jo Green caught another massive haul of big carp on here annual trip to sunny Morocco, including a couple of the huge venue’s elusive mirrors, good angling Jo!

I had been looking forward to my 5th annual winter trip to Lac Bin el Ouidane in Morocco for months and couldn’t wait to get there and start fishing.

The stock consists of 85 percent commons and 15 percent mirrors, hence the mirrors generally being
that much harder to come by. In temperatures of 30 degrees pretty much every day, (very nice indeed) I managed to
bag a total of 51 carp, 49 commons and 2 stonking mirrors.

Now looking forward to my next trip!’

All the fish were caught using ESP Syncro XT 18lb, sandy gravel leadcore leaders, Tungsten Loaded hooklink
and Raptor T6 size3 hooks

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