Tinpot bags a ‘zoo creature!’ – Daren Norman

Daren 'Tinpot' Norman has been on a tough three month campaign, but it finally came good! Tinpot explains...

I’ve just finished a 3 month campaign on 40 acre gravel pit known locally as the zoo. I first had a go on there six years ago but left without managing to bank one of the pits elusive residents and vowed to return later. After a great spring elsewhere it felt right to get back on there so I returned in July full of confidence ready for another go. The pit's still got a bit of mystery to it, but it’s thought theres around 40 - 50 carp in just over 40 acres, so location is always number one priority. The problem is they hardly ever show, and I went days without seeing a sign which made things tricky to say the least.

A lovely view down 'the zoo'!

It took plenty of effort but after loads of walking, looking and baiting things came good and I managed to land three “zoo creatures” as we call them; two commons weighing 32lb 10oz and 34lb 14 oz and the highlight of my year, one of the pits big mirrors known as the Adidas fish at 42lb 10oz. They all fell to my standard tactic of krill wafters over whole and chopped krill fished on 15lb Syncro XT, ESP Tungsten Loaded tubing and lead clip with the hooklink being three inches of green Tungsten Loaded coated braid tied to a size 5 ready made chod.

One of the 'Zoo Creatrures' at 42lb 10oz!