‘It always comes good in the end!’ – Daren ‘Tinpot’ Norman

‘Last July I decided it was time to have another crack at very special 40 acre pit I’d unsuccessfully dabbled on in the past. The pit still has a bit of mystery to it but is thought to hold around 40 fish including one very large mirror.’ I got off to a great start and managed to catch the Adidas fish at 42lb 10oz backed up by couple of nice […]

An incredible mirror!

Tinpot bags a ‘zoo creature!’ – Daren Norman

Daren ‘Tinpot’ Norman has been on a tough three month campaign, but it finally came good! Tinpot explains… I’ve just finished a 3 month campaign on 40 acre gravel pit known locally as the zoo. I first had a go on there six years ago but left without managing to bank one of the pits elusive residents and vowed to return later. After a great spring elsewhere it felt right […]