Spring In My Step by John Elmer

Big fish angler and all round top bloke John Elmer has kindly sent us a report on what he’s been up to this spring prior to getting back on the legendary Car Park lake. Thanks John.

This spring I’ve been on the move quite a bit getting bites from four different venues. It’s nice seeing the old bobbins move again since pulling off The Car Park at Yateley due to the close season. I started the spring on CEMEXS Blue Pool, and I must admit I had a brilliant time having five bites. These are as follows 17lb, 21lb, 23lb, 12oz  and 26lb 12oz, and lost one which wasn’t bad for a 48 hour session.

My next session saw me heading back up to Yateley and fishing The Copse Lake. I really enjoyed this trip due to The Copse not having been fished properly for a couple of years. It was a bit like fishing for the unknown which was quite a buzz and I had spotted a couple of the better fish milling around in a bay. Well lady luck was smiling down on me again and I had four bites, which were two small commons , a 26lb 2oz mirror and 29lb 2oz mirror. After talking to the head bailiff who is a good friend of mine, he told me that they were probably the two biggest in the lake so I was very happy with that. Now I was on quite a roll at this point and all these fish had fallen to chod rigs tied the normal way with E.S.P. Bristle Filament in 25lb and a size 5 stiff Rigger.

So I decided to try my luck on The North Lake for a 48 hour session, but your luck has to slow down sometimes!  Although I had a bite, I lost it in the weed and the hook pulled, you win some, lose some. Next stop was Little Horsehoe in the Cotswold Water Park for a charity bash organized by Keith Sykes. Yet again lady luck was smiling on me and I managed three doubles and got some filming done which was really good. We also managed to raise over a thousand pounds for training blind dogs which was brilliant.
Roll on June when I’ll be continuing my campaign on the Car Park lake!

Until next time have fun and enjoy your fishing.

John Elmer.