Rich Picking’s

We’ve received a nice bit of feedback from Richard French who has had a very good year so far, kicking the spring off in fine style with the capture of his target fish ‘The Brute’ at over 47lb. Richard had been pursuing this particular fish (which resides in a very highly pressured pit) for a few years, catching most of the other big residents before finally achieving his main target.

Early in the year ESP consultant Nigel Sharp gave Richard some new monofilament to test and one of the first fish he caught on it was ‘The Brute’. Richard has gone on to catch quite a few more since from another lake. Here’s what he had to say about the new mono:
‘I thought I would send you some pictures of a few fish I have caught recently using the soon to be released main line. I must say that I am very impressed with it as it has everything that I look for in a monofilament. Casts extremely smoothly, low stretch, great abrasion resistance, nice colour and sinks like a brick!! Having used it in a few sticky situations, it has stood up to the test brilliantly. This one is a sure winner’.

Thanks Richard, you can’t say fairer than that! More details on the new line that will be out later this summer to follow, but if you are thinking of investing in new line to fill those big pits, it might just be worth holding on until this stuff hits the shelves because it will be worth the wait…