Barbless Chod Rigs

A shorter version of the best ready tied chod rigs on the market!


Barbless Cryogen Chod Rigs

These chod rigs feature Barbless Cryogen Stiff Rigger’s which are incredibly strong with super sharp, durable points. Tied to bristle filament which is set in an optimum curve, they incorporate a smooth rotating Uni-Link swivel and a metal bait screw to provide easy, secure attachment of any type of pop-up. Tied to precision levels in our own factories.


Available in barbed and barbless size 5, 6 & 8.

  • Each pack contains three perfectly tied rigs
Available in:
  • Sizes 5 and 6 tied to 20lb bristle filament
  • Sizes 8 tied to 15lb bristle filament
  • Also available in barbed