Common Occurance for Dan Goult!


Dan with the biggest of the trip, a lovely old 36lb common

Dan Goult enjoyed a very memorable session recently on a special Cambridgeshire venue, excellent angling Dan!

‘I’ve not long returned from what can only be described as a truly epic session, breaking my PB common no less than three times. To say I was over the moon is and understatement!

With the Friday booked off work, a van full of tackle, bait and my carp dog ‘Barney’ the labrador I made my way to my good friend’s house in deepest Cambridgeshire. Upon arrival we had a quick chat and shared a few thoughts as to where these Cambs carp were going to be when we got to the lake. We were soon on our way to the pit in question, now at this point I’m not going to name the lake in respect for the few very lucky people that still have access to it. I was lucky enough to be invited along for a guest session by my good friend. Which I was overwhelmed by, because this lake is steeped in so much history with some absolute carping greats of years gone by gracing its banks. The fish that reside in here are also very special and every single one of them looks like they have many stories to tell.

With a couple of laps done and my young lab intent of chasing anything and everything that moved, it was time to get the rods out. Me and my mate decided to spread ourselves out and one fish either end of the lake, as we had seen signs of fish both ends. I was soon having a flick about the dense weed trying to find something half presentable, which I soon found. Out went a couple of hinge stiff rigs tied using size 5 Cryogen stiff riggers and Tungsten Loaded semi stiff for the boom sections, along with a kilo of CC Moore’s Pacific Tuna over each spot. I hadn’t long been sat back on the bed chair after getting the brolly up and trying to stop Barney from chasing everything and also going for a swim, when my left hand rod, bucked in the rest and the Neville went into meltdown. A short tussle later and a lovely old battle scared mirror lay in the net. After a few photos I got the rod back on the spot with a fresh rig and another good helping of pacific tuna.


35lb 1oz

A little while later it was quite noticeable after that tussle with the mirror quite a few fish had moved off from the area. But I was confident they would be back at some point, especially as the pit was only small. That evening me and my mate had a good social and a catch up until it was interrupted by a savage take on my right hand rod, which had the mk-3 Tel hooped double upon picking it up, it was pretty obvious this was no carp, as it took off through weed bed after weed bed, and was most probably infact one of the large catfish that also reside in there. Unfortunately the line parted a little while later. The rod was soon re-rigged and back on the spot. With the rest of the night quiet I was up early doors watching for signs, and soon noticed numerous fish moving through the dense weed around both my spots. Just as the first brew of the day was finished a few bleeps come from the right hand rod followed by the tip slowly pulling round. As I picked up the rod a big boil appeared over the spot, apart from a few head nods it pretty much come straight in along with a tonne of weed. I still hadn’t really seen what was in my net, I called my mate to say I had one in the net. He was soon with with me and we lifted the fish out and onto the mat, it was soon obvious this was no small one. After removing the weed there lay a awesome looking grey brute of a common. On the scales it went 35lb 1oz, I was made up as it was a new PB common!

The rest of the day went without any action, and my mate left late afternoon, with not much showing in the swim I was in, a move was decided to where I had seen the odd subtle sign. With the gear moved a couple of spots were found, and a good spread of bait was put out. Just as I got sat down on the bed with a cold beer one of the rods tore off, too cut a long story short a common of just over 30lbs was in the net.

With the light fading I decided not to bother with any pics and just slipped her back. Out went back that rod with a fresh rig and another kilo of pacific tuna.


35lb 3oz

4:30 the next morning the same rod was away again, this time it gave a good account of itself, weeding solid a couple of times but with constant pressure it came free. With it finally in the net I flicked the head torch on to see a very large dark common looking back at me, I placed her on the scales which settled on 35lb 3oz, unbelievable three 30 plus commons in a session two of which were pbs! I safely secured her in the sling to be able to get some self takes done soon as it was light enough.

I decided a coffee was needed, as the morning was quite chilly. As I was sat there my remaining rod knocked in the rest, and as if it was in slow motion began to wrap round. Soon as I picked it up, it was apparent whatever was on the end was solid in weed. With steady pressure applied it didn’t really want to move. So I placed the rod back on the rest and decided to stick the kettle back on, and see if it would swim out of its own accord. Just as it was getting light I decided seeing as this fish hadn’t moved I would try wading down the margin and try another angle to try and free it, if not the boat was going to be needed. With the waders on I stepped into the edge and began making my way along the right hand margin around a big willow tree. With my landing net pole I was feeling the bottom as went, but a step to far to my left into very soft silt soon had water up to my shoulders and gushing into my waders. I had to think quick, I dropped the rod and net and reached back behind me to the willow tree and managed to use that to pull myself out the soft silt. Back on firm bottom I grabbed the rod and net and struggled my way back to the bank, wading through water with full waders weren’t easy.

Back on the bank I placed the rod back on the rest as the fish was still solid. I began removing the water filled waders and soaking clothes as I was freezing. Just as I was about to grab a towel from the van the rod tore off, the fish was out, well so I thought. It was soon solid again, there was only one thing for it. Fetch the boat. I grabbed my life jacket and made my way to the boat, still in just my boxers! Out in the boat I made my way to where it was locked solid, when I was above the fish it soon freed itself and tore off, and began towing me with it. It was soon beaten and ready for the net and it looked another good common.

Back on the bank I had to get some clothes back on as I was absolutely freezing. With the boat battle common secured in the net I set about doing the self takes of the 35lber from earlier, she was absolutely stunning and really dark, a proper old as the hills common with many a story to tell. I was buzzing and still had another one to photograph and weigh. With the 35 put back I lifted the next one out, as I peeled back the mesh it revealed another stunning common with pecs the size of table tennis bats. On the scales it went 36lb dead, I couldn’t believe it, another PB! This was really a session of a life time! With her put back I was on cloud nine! Sessions like this don’t happen very often! I really must thank my good mate Dan for giving me the opportunity to fish this awesome little cambs gem’.