In the Pitch Dark – by Ben Voltijn

Ben Voltijn is a leading Dutch carp angler who only fishes for the carp in his home country. We don’t blame him as some of the most stunning looking Galician mirror’s reside in the canals, lakes and rivers of Holland. The last time we’d seen Ben was at the Zwolle carp show in Holland back in February. He told us about this stunning, big old carp that he really wanted […]


Rich Picking’s

We’ve received a nice bit of feedback from Richard French who has had a very good year so far, kicking the spring off in fine style with the capture of his target fish ‘The Brute’ at over 47lb. Richard had been pursuing this particular fish (which resides in a very highly pressured pit) for a few years, catching most of the other big residents before finally achieving his main target.

Early in the year ESP consultant Nigel Sharp gave Richard some new monofilament to test and one of the first fish he caught on it was ‘The Brute’. Richard has gone on to catch quite a few more since from another lake. Here’s what he had to say about the new mono:
‘I thought I would send you some pictures of a few fish I have caught recently using the soon to be released main line. I must say that I am very impressed with it as it has everything that I look for in a monofilament. Casts extremely smoothly, low stretch, great abrasion resistance, nice colour and sinks like a brick!! Having used it in a few sticky situations, it has stood up to the test brilliantly. This one is a sure winner’.

Thanks Richard, you can’t say fairer than that! More details on the new line that will be out later this summer to follow, but if you are thinking of investing in new line to fill those big pits, it might just be worth holding on until this stuff hits the shelves because it will be worth the wait…


A Spring Report from Terry Hearn

Long time ESP consultant (not to mention carp fishing legend!) Terry Hearn has been having a really productive first half of the year, catching consistently including a few real crackers! There are a couple of good tips here too, plus a sneak preview on the new ESP mono that’s due out later this year. Nice one Tel! So what have I been up to this spring? Well, since early this […]


Spring In My Step by John Elmer

Big fish angler and all round top bloke John Elmer has kindly sent us a report on what he’s been up to this spring prior to getting back on the legendary Car Park lake. Thanks John. This spring I’ve been on the move quite a bit getting bites from four different venues. It’s nice seeing the old bobbins move again since pulling off The Car Park at Yateley due to […]


The Year So Far by Kev Hewitt

Thanks to Kev Hewitt for a report on his fishing so far this year. Its no suprise that it’s full of carp as Kev is a carp catching machine! Look out for some very interesting carp catching edges from Kev on the videos section of the ESP website. It is a funny old game this carp fishing. One minute you can be down and out on a real struggle and then […]


Report from John Claridge

John Claridge has been getting amongst this year, consistently catching on chod rigs from a couple of challenging south western venues. Here’s a brief report from John: With the milder windy weather finally putting and end to the Artic conditions come the second week of February, I got myself a ticket for a local large Park lake and fishing at the end where the big South Westerlies were battering in […]