A gentle bite for a big fish!

‘A real rare one’ – Darryl Dunn

Darryl Dunn has been ringing the changes this year on his tricky syndicate, which recently came good with the capture of a rare mirror at 30lb 8oz The tricky Cambridgeshire syndicate I have been fishing for the last few years has certainly lived up to its reputation this year. It seams the only way to keep bites coming is to keep ringing the changes. The fish seam to wise up […]

Thanks for the memories!

An Everlasting Memory – Darren Blunt

‘In 2013 I joined Dinton White Swan. I always usually set myself a target fish or 2. Top of my list was Bernie’s Linear and The Twin. With an amazing stock, they all would be welcomed in my net and I couldn’t wait to wet a line there.’ I fished there catching a few but as I had unfinished business at another lake I couldn’t give Dinton my full attention. […]

An incredible capture!

The Last of The Summer ‘Lin’ – Alex Grice

‘I have always found summer to be a tricky period in carp fishing, especially with what seems to be everlasting hot temperatures, low water levels and insane weed growth what we have experienced this year’ Despite all of these demanding obstacles, I have found this summer to be a productive one, fishing the overnighters between work and setting traps ready for that cool first- light period before the heat of […]

A great night shot!

Kev Hewitt’s overnighter 40lb common!

As far as overnighters go, a 40lber with your best mate there is about as good as it gets… It was bank holiday weekend and the weather looked bang on for a spot of carping. I had already arranged a family weekend and Monday afternoon I found my self at Slimbridge wetland Center feeding koi and common carp in one of the ponds. Then my phone rang and it was […]

A special sight!

Martin Bowler – More great spring memories

‘Sat on my bed chair with a black coffee in hand a mouse ate the final boilie I had dropped and a kingfisher shot by flashing its azure blue coat, too busy to stop with a brood to feed. A beautiful and peaceful scene but one I still wanted to shatter with my quest for carp continuing…’ What dreams are made of… The noise of broody geese with their honking […]

A big framed common!

Kev Hewitt – Off to a flyer!

‘It had been a long time coming but finally I was opening the golden gates of my new syndicate and as I did I was met by glorious sunshine and an expanse of water blossoming with weed. The surroundings were pretty special, nice and mature with an abundance of vegetation surrounding the well maintained pathway around the lake.’ Clearing weed can be hard work but pay off big time I […]


How to construct a ‘drop-off inline’ leadcore leader

If you are margin fishing or stalking on a water where bites are hard to come by, there is one lead arrangement that stands out as the best ‘hooker’ of fish… Fish feeding in the edge on some spicy pellet With the summer months well and truly upon us, now is one of the best times to find carp patrolling the margins of the lake. Whether they are passing through […]

Plenty of scales!

Jack Reid finally crosses paths with his ‘mystery mirror’!

Having fished fairly intensely on a little-explored gravel pit since December, each bite that’s come Jacks way has been an exciting glimpse into what the lake holds… Without giving too much of a long backstory, most of my year has been spent fishing a ‘bite at a time’, on a fairly mysterious gravel pit, that has had very low intensity angling in its past. With a wild and low stock […]

Returning 'Orange Spot'

‘Unfinished business… My quest for Orange Spot’

Fishing for one particular fish can be a gruelling target, as Darren Blunt explains… Eleven years ago I was fortunate to get a ticket for the Longfield Road Lake. The lake held a phenomenal stock of fish. I’d read the books by Terry Hearn and Nigel sharp on their exploits at this tricky little lake, various articles in magazines with photos of the stock all made the fishing at this […]

A unique looking fish!

Nathan Highley bags a personal best!

A keen eye and willingness to ‘up sticks’ and move lead to the capture of this very unique carp… A week or so ago, the fish Nathan Highley joined his syndicate for slipped over the net chord. ‘After doing Sunday night on another lake on the complex I woke monday morning to it looking bleak. I reeled in and went for a look about on one of the other lakes. I […]