Jack Reid – My own little slice of history

Back in April I found myself navigating the barrow through fallen deadwood and brambles in the inky twilight of THAT old estate lake. I had been given the green light for a spring session on this iconic slice of the English countryside and to put the cherry on the cake, I was sat on nearly a month of baiting.  A barrow loaded with marker rod, boat and a lot of […]

The final result!

Jack Reid – No boat, No buzz!

For the last year the use of a boat has been absolutely central to my fishing. Not a state of the art vessel destined for inland seas, but a budget dinghy with a couple of dodgy looking yellow paddles! A boat doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Initially the dinghy was purchased so that I had a vessel of my own on the low stocked pit I would be fishing […]


Behind the Lens – A Gaz Fareham interview with Jack Reid

Taken from Carpology’s ESP supplement, Gaz Fareham recently interviewed ESP Filmmaker Jack Reid to find out what it was like working with angling icon Terry Hearn… Returning the punt to the boat house GF Just to begin, could you give us a brief introduction to yourself and your background  JR My name is Jack Reid, I’m from Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, I’m 31 now although I still get asked for […]

Plenty of scales!

Jack Reid finally crosses paths with his ‘mystery mirror’!

Having fished fairly intensely on a little-explored gravel pit since December, each bite that’s come Jacks way has been an exciting glimpse into what the lake holds… Without giving too much of a long backstory, most of my year has been spent fishing a ‘bite at a time’, on a fairly mysterious gravel pit, that has had very low intensity angling in its past. With a wild and low stock […]