‘Two nights with my boys!’ – Lee Howard

Lee Howard has been really making an effort taking his young lads fishing this year. Judging by the photographs building in our inbox the lads have been having a blast, catching serious fish for their age. Over to Lee… I took the boy’s again this weekend for two nights this time instead of one. It was supposed to be one night but after the first they was still several fish in […]


‘An angry devil looking male linear!’ – Alfie Russell

I’m pretty sure most of you guys will now know that I’ve been privileged enough to join E.S.P and Drennan. I’ve found myself in the most comfortable and welcoming position I’ve ever found to be in whilst being involved and working in the carp fishing industry, I’m mega grateful. Now onto the fishing! This year started off pretty excitingly I had some great plans ahead. A astronomically warm spell in […]

Alfie joins ESP!

Alfie Russell joins E-S-P!

London carper Alfie Russell needs no introduction and in recent months has been warmly welcomed into the E-S-P fold… We’re delighted to welcome Alfie Russell to the ESP team! Londoner Alfie will already be well known to a lot of you – at just 20 years old he has caught an incredible amount of big carp, both from his home city and also further afield with many special ones among […]