An Everlasting Memory – Darren Blunt

'In 2013 I joined Dinton White Swan. I always usually set myself a target fish or 2. Top of my list was Bernie’s Linear and The Twin. With an amazing stock, they all would be welcomed in my net and I couldn’t wait to wet a line there.'

I fished there catching a few but as I had unfinished business at another lake I couldn’t give Dinton my full attention.

Skipping forward a few years to September 2018 and after 2 weeks away from Dinton I was itching to get back. After a good walk around and seeing nothing to grab my attention I was soon plotted up in Jay's Boards. This swim had been kind to me having captured The Hamster at 40lb from there the previous year. I was up early and scanning the water but all was quiet. As the day went by my attention was drawn to an area between Spotters and The Woods.. they were there. My gear packed and I was on the move. I knew a few hard spots out in the lake from the previous year and was hoping the weed wouldn’t mess up my plans. Rods out..two casts...mega drops... oh happy days. Once again the night passed with no signs they were still in and around the area. Unexpectedly the left-hand rod was away twenty minutes later and a stocky was soon netted and returned with no fuss.

That evening a little social was had in Micky Gray's swim... watered and fed I was itching to get back to the swim. Two casts later and a good helping of Trentbaits fresh shrimp and it was 'watch and wait' time. Up early again the next morning and it was a repeat of the night before... all quiet on Dinton. The bobbin on the left-hand rod then slowly climbed and I was once again connected to a carp but this felt completely different... heavy and with a purpose, this fish fought hard for fifteen minutes... three attempts to net the fish had the voice in my head saying please stay on. After gaining full control I managed to guide the fish into my net... relief and elation.

A target in the net!

A quick look into the net and my eyes were met with the most perfect looking carp. I’d caught Son of Triple Row. A few texts to my good friend Ben and he arrived in my swim. At a weight of 46lb 4oz the fish looked amazing. Black shoulders, brown belly and golden scales the fish was perfection. Photos were taken and Son of Triple Row was soon released back in the depths of Dinton

'Son of Triple Row'

Thanks for the memories!

Until next time.

Be lucky,

Darren Blunt



ESP synchro 15lb line

ESP original camp leadcore one half meters long

3.5oz tournament lead

ESP Cryogen Stiff Rigger size 4, amnesia clear 25lb boom 'D' rig.

Trentbaits white shrimp critically balanced bait, my own hand rolling with small corkball inside

ESP buffer bead

Helicopter rig