St. Johns result for James!

26lb st johns mirrorJames Pearson enjoyed more success on Linear at the weekend, this time on St Johns, good angling!

I have recently come back from a 40 hour session on a packed St Johns at Linear Fisheries. I went down on the Friday after work and there wasn’t many swims free at all where I wanted to be, however I got chatting to an angler in a swim which I fancied who said he would be leaving first thing the next morning so the decision was made.

In the morning I had two spots one a margin on the no fishing bank and the second to open water at 86 yards. The weather was looking spot on for a bite and it wasn’t long before the further spot rattled off. Unfortunately what felt like a good fish succumbed to a hook pull around ten yards out before I had seen it, I was pretty gutted knowing some of the beasts which lurk in St Johns. It was about two hours later when the first take off of the margin rod occurred, this resulted in a 26lb mirror which I was chuffed with. Throughout the day I had a further three runs, one resulted in a 21lb common and the other two were screamers however after striking I felt no resistance which I put down to trailing lines.

Surprisingly I had a good night’s sleep on the Saturday night; the rods went out perfectly, the bait went out to the spots well so in my head I was sure of some action but nothing came. I had one more scaley St Johns mirror just as I was packing up on the Sunday morning which rounded off a good trip as the lake was so busy being one of the most popular day ticket waters in the UK.

All the fish fell to a standard pop up rig with a 12mm hook bait, to a size 7 Cryogen Curve tied to 8 inches of Tungsten Loaded semi stiff choddy silt’.

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