Quick hit for Kev on Bluebell!


A pretty mid twenty for Kev

Having started my new job with Angling Direct a few weeks ago, time on the bank has taken a bit of a hit so when I got the offer of an overnighter with a BBQ thrown in for good measure, it was difficult to refuse so I soon found myself on the gate of the Bluebell complex next to my good friend Mark Bartlett.


The Lo Pro did its job against some hostile weather

We decided to do the night on Mallard and settled in a couple of swims on the end of a gentle breeze. I was feeling a little under the weather and was looking forward to catching up on some sleep but no such luck. I obviously had not studied the weather forecast closely as at some point during darkness the wind picked up and it hammered down with rain for hours on end. With the wind and rain pumping straight into me, I unpegged the two front ribs on the Lo Pro and lowered the front and that did the trick in keeping me dry for the night.


A summer hazard — drifting weed!

The morning brought a change in luck as I received a steady take late morning and after a decent battle I slipped the net under a lovely mid twenty mirror. The swim I was fishing was very weedy and despite spending hours searching for a clear spot I ended up raking a spot at 90 yards with a breakaway sea lead before spombing a few kilos of hemp corn and live system boilies over the top. I fished a Ronnie and a hinged stiff rig over the bait and it was the Ronnie that produced the bite.

The session was over all too quickly though and I was soon in the van making the two and a half hour journey home where hopefully a better nights sleep will be on the cards in the warm and dry confines of my home.

Tight lines, Kev.’

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