Change of tactics works for Dave!


Not Cash 35.04

Dave Springall enjoyed and excellent session earlier this week, where a change of tactics made a huge difference. Well done Dave!

I have decided to stay a little closer to home this year for the time being at least after travelling up and down the dreaded M25 from Essex to Kent of the last three or more years. My new ticket at Cleverely Mere, just seven miles or so from home started in the second week of May. The lake has been closed for three weeks of the time that I have had already due to spawning, so it’s been a bit stop/start for me so far.

I kicked off with a brace of mid twenties just after the first bout of spawning had finished including a super old one known as “Stumpy’ that I was really pleased to meet. The weather was crazy for the time of year with huge downpours, low pressure and a big Southerly wind which was just enough to switch them on for a couple of nights and long enough to steal a couple of opening bites.

After the second night they spawned again and the lake was closed for a further two weeks. A two night blank was all I could muster on the fist trip back while everyone was catching either side of me. Learning from that a change of tactics saw my last session finally bring a little more success.


27.08 mirror

Four carp graced the net in a 40 hour period. The first a very small double figure common after a rake of tench through the night. Then the following lunchtime a double take produced a lovely 27.08 mirror and then a fish called ‘The Marlin’ at 34.08. A little lean after the previous weeks festivities but one off the hit list none the less.


The Marlin 34.08

The second night bought only more tench but finally on the last morning the same rod that had produced The Marlin rattled off at around 9am and after probably the craziest fight I have ever endured through a ton of weed and eventually having to get in and hand line it in I was rewarded with another decent common known as ‘Not Cash’ again spawned out at 35.04. Usually one of the 40’s and a pretty rare visitor to the bank this one so once again a pretty decent result.

All fish took a liking to balanced tiger nuts fished in large ESP PVA bulk and sock bags of hemp, tigers and pellets. 18lb Syncro XT, ESP green leadcore, 3oz drop off inline leads and rigs comprising 4 inches of ESP 20lb Anchor braid, size 5 Cryogen Grippers with ESP hook ring swivels and long ESP Rig Shrink kickers. These were fished ultra tight to a far marginal over hang at around 60 yards range’.

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